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Keto Mother's Day Gift Guide & Menu

April 23rd, 2021

Whether she is your Mom, the mother of your children or just a motherly figure – Moms are the real MVP. Celebrating Moms should be an everyday occurrence, but for the holiday we’ve put together a keto gift guide for the all the keto mommas out there!

Food is the best way to the heart, right?! One of the best gifts a Mom can get is a day off, full of keto Mother’s Day treats and delicious keto cooking!

Keto Gifts for Mom

A box of keto milk chocolate coconut truffles surrounded by yellow flowers

A must have gift for keto Mother’s Day gift basket are our brand new Chocolate Flower Bites 🌸  Available in delectable Milk Chocolate with Coconut  and intense Dark Chocolate with Ganache, these flower shaped truffles give all the Spring vibes, and they will have your Mom in treat heaven.

All Moms love a chaffle! Create a keto Mother’s Day gift basket by grabbing a mini waffle maker and add our Sugar Free Syrup Trio for a tasty gift set.

To end your Mom’s night on a high note, pick up some of our Dark Chocolate Almond Keto Bark, the perfect pairing with a nice glass of red wine.

Keto Mother's Day Menu

Show your Mom some of the cooking chops she passed down this year? Here is the perfect keto Mother’s Day menu to have your mom relaxed and enjoying every last bite!

Keto Mother's Day Brunch

Chaffle's topped with keto nutella

No Mother’s Day is complete without a huge keto brunch!

  • Tell Mom to put her feet up while you whip up some of our Low Carb Chocolate Chip Chaffles! Not only will she love the chocolatey start to her day, but it’s a tasty breakfast choice the whole family will enjoy 🧇  Top with our Chocolate Hazelnut Spread for true decadence.
  • Pair your chaffles with a side of our Easy Keto Yogurt Parfait and your Mother’s Day celebrations will be off to a delicious start.
  • And don't forget the drink ☕  try this tasty Keto White Mocha for the Mom that runs on coffee, or these beautiful Keto Tea Bombs if tea if more your Mom's style.

Keto Mother's Day Dinner 

Keto bacon wrapped asparagus for Mother's Day

End Mother’s Day right with a few of our best savory dishes for Mom.

Whoever and however you celebrate, make sure you’re celebrating with the perfect keto Mother’s Day gifts and menu 💕


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