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Keto Orange Julius

Remember going to the mall during summer break and grabbing a frosty drink with friends? We miss those simpler times, so we're sharing this delicious Keto Orange Julius recipe that has a little hint of rum. It's creamy and dreamy, with just enough orange juice to give it a nice citrus taste without all the carbs or sugar. (Can you drink orange juice on keto? Yes, as long as you limit the amount--this cocktail uses just 1oz of fresh juice).

The recipe comes from the talented ladies at boozyketones, who are experts at making cocktails keto friendly. In order to make the drink extra creamy, they use this Keto White Chocolate Liqueur recipe made with our sugar free white chocolate chips. We're a fan of the orange and chocolate combination!

Looking for more Keto friendly cocktails?

Did you mix up a drink that is absolutely dreamy? 🍹 Just tag us on Instagram with #ChocZero and show us your creations!


Keto Orange Julius

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Keto Orange Julius

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