We all love chocolate.

However, the simple fact is that our bodies don't love sugar.

That's why we set out to create the best sugar free chocolate possible for both your health and your taste buds. After years of searching for perfect balance of sweetness and intense cocoa with our exclusive monk fruit and fiber blend, ChocZero officially launched our sugar free chocolate squares in late 2016. From those following the ketogenic lifestyle to those managing their diabetes to those simply wanting to eat cleaner with higher quality ingredients, ChocZero provides the perfect solution to take control of your dessert and indulge without consequences.

Since our launch, we've expanded chocolate products to include a chocolate bark with twelve flavors of seeds and nuts as well as a hot cocoa that comes in both jars and Keurig® cups. We have even more products coming out in 2017 and we're already brainstorming for 2018! We're always hard at work in our lab, with our small but dedicated R&D team working on coming up with more tasty treats for our growing sugar free community.

Have any ideas for a product? Let us know on our social media pages or contact us directly. We love to hear back from our customers.



Because ChocZero is sweetened with monk fruit and contains zero sugar alcohols, our customers will get to enjoy their chocolate without any digestive discomfort and none of the artificial aftertaste that most sugarfree chocolates provide. We've also made sure to ditch soy lecithin found in our competitors and use sunflower lecithin instead to create an even healthier chocolate. 



While ChocZero certainly works well for any lifestyle, we believe that eating a healthy chocolate doesn't mean you should sacrifice taste. Food that's good for you should taste good as well. That's why we import premium cocoa beans from South America and grind them with melangeurs in addition to conching, striving to create the perfect texture for our customers. In fact, within the next couple of months, we hope to switch over to 100% stone-ground so stay tuned.

Our products have anywhere from 1g to 3g net carbs per serving, but they have all of the taste of any other artisanal chocolate on the market.