This is our frequently asked questions section. We've written down the inquiries we get most from our community and customers. If your questions aren't answered, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page or email to reach out! Please allow for up to three business days to get a reply from our support line. 

About ChocZero

⯈ What makes ChocZero different than other chocolates I can buy?

ChocZero is special because it contains absolutely no soy and no sugar alcohols. Unlike other brands that are sugar free, ChocZero also contains no artificial sweeteners or additives either. Instead we replace sugar with natural, soluble vegetable fiber and monk fruit extract to craft a delicious zero sugar chocolate that's healthy and all natural.


⯈ Is ChocZero safe for diabetics?

While we are not medical professionals and encourage you to always consult a doctor for any products you wish to add to your diet, many of our customers use this product for Type 2 diabetes management. It is low carb and sugar free without any sugar alcohols that traditionally spike blood sugar. We always suggest diabetic customers to buy small amounts first.


⯈ Is ChocZero gluten-free?

Yes. ChocZero is gluten free and has passed the celiac sprue test. Its packaging mention that it may contain wheat is from when we first had it processed in other facilities so it could have had trace elements, but since we now make it in our factory, it is 100% GF. We will be updating our packaging soon.


⯈ What allergens are contained in your products?

All products may contain milk and nuts as they are processed in a facility that processes both. Nothing at our facility processes gluten so they are gluten-free.

They will soon come from a factory that products peanut products as of mid to late March 2018. We will be adjusting packaging to reflect this.


⯈ Is your chocolate vegan friendly?

Our dark chocolate squares and bark lines are vegan friendly with no added dairy. Our syrup is also vegan. Our milk chocolate is not.


⯈ How should ChocZero be stored?

ChocZero should be stored in a cool, dry place, preferably at 63-68°F (17-20°C).


⯈ How long can I keep ChocZero?

ChocZero has a two-year shelf life, but for specific reference, see the “Best By Dating” printed on each product.


Shipping Information

⯈ When will my order ship?

We are experiencing a far larger order volume than usual these days. As such, orders are shipping slower than we'd like as we expand our team and train new people.

Orders usually ship within two days of ordering, but may take up to four days during peak holidays or sales. We're very sorry and hope to have an increased capacity by April 2018. 

⯈ What are your shipping options and rates?

We updated our shipping on September 6, 2017 to try to offer our customers a better deal since we know shipping is a burden. We hate it, you hate it: so let's try to make the best of it. We currently ship using USPS priority 2 to 4 day (the closer you are to California, the more likely it is to be 2 day) for a flat rate of $5.99 per order.

Any order over $35 will ship for free. We're working on adding a next day delivery option using FedEx, but since it's expensive, we're trying to find a better solution for customers so they don't have to pay as much.


⯈ Can my order be shipped out of the United States?

Unfortunately, due to the perishability of our product, we do not ship out of the United States. We are working on getting onto countries and other distributors as you read this!

We do ship to our armed troops overseas as well as Alaska and Hawaii.


⯈ Can you ship chocolate during warm weather months?

Yes. During warmer months, to help ensure that you receive ChocZero unmelted and unscathed, we insulate the package and shipping it with reuseable cooling packs. We also refund all melted chocolate, so if that happens, please contact us.


⯈ Do you offer refunds?

We encourage any customer to contact us if they are unsatisfied with their order. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee in the event of melting, missing orders, or other issues.

The only exception is taste. We hate that we have to make this a policy, but we've had a few people order multiple times and get full refunds then order again to exploit a loophole. Our new taste satisfaction policy we do offer a one time taste or allergy refund for orders of $50 or less. We ask that you return unopened goods to use and we pay for postage.

Please email if your order arrives melted or otherwise compromised.


Wholesale & Other

⯈ How can I sell ChocZero in my store?

If you are interested in providing ChocZero as part of your retail store, please fill out our wholesale form. You may also reach out to our marketing director through


⯈ I'm interested in trying your chocolate, do you send samples?

Unfortunately we can't send samples to everyone due to the cost prohibitive nature of shipping chocolate. However, if you have a decent social media following or have a platform to review our chocolate, you may email us to request samples. Check out our brand ambassador page and check review samples in the form to be considered.


Contact Us

If you still have any questions, please email us through or fill out this form. If it's about an order, please include your order number or any relevant information to help us assist you better.


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