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Sugar Free Red Velvet Cake

This red velvet cake has a delicious hint of cocoa and a beautiful layered appearance…with extra chocolate to boot!

Are you team red velvet or team chocolate cake? Either way, this keto red velvet cake with its creamy sugar free cream cheese frosting is perfect for any reason. Fluffy and moist, made with dense almond flour and filled with layers of cocoa spread, our take on low carb red velvet cake is a beautiful layer cake with creamy chocolate.

Of course, making a cake as iconic as a southern red velvet cake into a low carb dessert isn’t easy. We’ve come up with a low sugar substitution for our keto red velvet cake: we swapped the buttermilk to a carb free apple cider vinegar to give it the trademark cake.

We’ve made this a tremendously layered red velvet cake too! Nestled into the layers of cake adding a touch of nutty flavor, our sugar free hazelnut spread brings a bit of extra chocolate excellence to our scarlet hero. This unique recipe is the royalty of cakes and will be sure to knock the socks off of everyone at the next gathering you bring this sugar free cake to, whether it’s a birthday party or graduation.

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What does red velvet cake taste like?

Red velvet cake tastes like a hint of cocoa with a slightly tart taste due to its tangy special ingredient: buttermilk. In most cakes, a cream cheese frosting is used, and that is the main flavor of the cake: its bold notes contrast the subtle cocoa hints throughout the actual cake batter. This cake is known to be moist and light, and has an intense sweetness.


What makes red velvet cake red?

The thing that makes red velvet cake red is typically red food coloring. However, we recommend using beets for natural food coloring, as you can make a keto red velvet cake with beets that's extra red. This way, you can maintain a beautiful rich color while also reaping the health benefits of beets in your dessert.


What's the difference between chocolate cake and red velvet cake?

The difference between chocolate cake and red velvet cake is the flavor as well as color of the cakes. Red velvet cake is a red cake often dyed with red food coloring, while a chocolate cake lets the natural color of the chocolate be the dominant color of the cake. Also, red velvet cake traditionally has a hint of cocoa flavor while a chocolate cake has a chocolate flavor–red velvet cake is not a rich cocoa cake, it's a light chocolate cake with a tangy afternote from its buttermilk inclusion.


Sugar Free Red Velvet Cake


How do I make a sugar free frosting for a red velvet cake?

You can make a sugar free frosting for a red velvet cake by using a sugar substitute as a 1:1 ratio. We've successfully used both a powdered substitute and sugar free honey. It’s easy to substitute sugar in a cake. The cream cheese frosting is almost rich enough on its own to not need any sugars either!


What can I use instead of buttermilk in a red velvet cake?

Red velvet cake traditionally uses buttermilk to add a unique taste, but as you know, buttermilk is not low in carbs or sugars. To make a keto red velvet cake without buttermilk, you use apple cider vinegar to make a real red velvet cake! This brings acid to the cake, which balances out the sweetness.


What does red velvet cake have to do with Juneteenth?

Red velvet cake has to do with Juneteenth because it is the most common cake served for Emancipation Day. Not just a fun cake to have at your birthday party, the symbolism lies in the red coloring of the cake, since it represents how enslavement brought upon bloodshed and lost lives.


What is the difference between blue and red velvet cake?

The main difference between blue and red velvet cake is that blue velvet cake contains blueberries in the frosting between the cake layers. Also, instead of dying the cake red, you dye the cake blue, of course! This is a great option for an Independence Day cake, when you can do one blue and one red layer for a cake. Or, for a baby shower for a bay boy! The reasons to make a blue velvet cake are abundant, so we encourage you to give it a go once you’ve mastered the red velvet cake! Overall, there are several velvet cake options, and we love them all.


Sugar Free Red Velvet Cake


How do you make red velvet cake pops?

You can make red velvet cake pops pretty easily with leftover red velvet cake! Crumble your leftover cake into crumbs into a mixing bowl. Then, mix it with icing or melted chocolate. Then, once mixed, form the cake into small spheres. Poke a lollipop or baking stick into the sphere, dip into icing or melted chocolate (and maybe some topping like crushed sugar free candy or nuts) and voila! This is the perfect option for leftover cake, especially if you choose to cut your cake into a shape like a heart or star and have edge pieces.


Does red velvet cake need to be refrigerated?

Red velvet cake does need to be refrigerated if you would like to have leftovers at a later time, as it will keep it fresher for longer. We recommend that you put the cake into an airtight container, and then store for up to three days. If it’s too big for your containers, feel free to cut it into slices first. If you choose to freeze the cake, it can stay good for up to three months. Just make sure to thaw in the fridge overnight, then bring to room temperature before consuming if you choose to do so.


Sugar Free Red Velvet Cake

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Sugar Free Red Velvet Cake

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