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Low Carb Chocolate Chip Chaffles

These low carb and keto friendly Chocolate Chip Chaffles by Annie at KetoFocus make for an amazing sugar free breakfast.

The keto alternative to waffles is chaffles, and these chaffles are super easy to make, ideal for when you want a breakfast treat that's still healthy without spending a lot of time!

These Chocolate Chip Chaffles use our keto chocolate chips. Use white, milk or dark chips... whichever is your favorite! And don't forget to finish your chaffles off with some of our sugar free syrup.

Makes 3 mini waffles. Macros per serving (3 waffles):
Calories: 382 | Fat: 27.8 g | Net carbs: 4.9 g | Protein: 25.3 g

How to make Chocolate Chip Chaffles

Watch our video for step-by-step instructions on how to make chocolate chip chaffles.


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  • Enjoy pumpkin spice and everything nice with our Keto Granola recipe. 
  • Combine creamy yogurt, fruit, sugar free syrup and our low carb white chocolate chips for the Best Keto Parfait around.


Low Carb Chocolate Chip Chaffles

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Low Carb Chocolate Chip Chaffles

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