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Kid Friendly Keto Snacks

Now that families are spending more time at home, it's a perfect opportunity to make snacks together. Of course, you want low carb, low sugar recipes for healthy snacks that won't send the kiddos bouncing off the walls. That's why we put together a bunch of our favorite Kid Friendly Keto Snacks that will wow the kids and are fun to make. We've even included some no-bake recipes that allow your family to get creative with decoration. 

Take advantage of this time together and make some new memories!


Keto Cookie Crisp Cereal

Keto Cookie Crisp Cereal

Surprise the kids with this dessert-for-breakfast cookie cereal. All kids love cereal, and all kids love cookies... and with this recipe, you make tiny, crispy, chocolate chip cookies that are also sugar free!

That way you can enjoy a fun breakfast with the kids without having to worry about an early morning sugar rush.

Get the recipe for Keto Cookie Cereal


Sugar Free Spring Baskets

Decorating is part of the fun with these white chocolate baskets topped with fresh berries and anything else you can come up with!

Your kids will love the bright green color of the baskets and will have fun picking out which fruit they want to put on each one.

Get the recipe for Sugar Free Spring Baskets


Low Carb Banana Bread

Low Carb Banana Bread

Baking banana bread with mom or dad is a favorite memory for a lot of folks, including us!

But traditional banana bread isn't sugar free or keto friendly. So, here's our low carb version that keeps all the yummy taste (and even has some chocolate in it). Healthy  enough to eat for breakfast, tasty enough to eat for dessert. 

Get the recipe for Low Carb Banana Bread


Sugar Free Peeps

Maybe this is an Easter recipe, but we think it works all year round.

You can make a little bunny shape or come up with something brand new like star-shaped marshmallows!

For extra fun, use these mini marshmallows to top keto hot cocoa or cupcakes!

Get the recipe for Sugar Free Peeps


Sugar Free Parfait

Sugar Free Parfait

Whether it's which beloved stuffed animal to cuddle with or their favorite bedtime story, kids like making their own choices.

This parfait is a choose-your-own-adventure kind of snack that allows kids to decide where to put the layers, how much crunch they want, and which berries they'd like to put on top.

Get the recipe for Sugar Free Parfaits


Feeling like a kid again? Share your creations with us on Instagram by tagging us with #ChocZero!

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