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Easy Keto Marshmallow Crispy Treats

These sugar free marshmallow crispy treats use just 4 ingredients!

We all remember coming home from school to a fresh plate of rice crispy treats. At the time, we loved the sugar rush that came with it, but these days we’re looking for a keto marshmallow crispy treat we can enjoy within our macros. Some sugar free marshmallows don’t have the best ingredients or might be hard to find, so we came up with the perfect solution. Our sugar free white chocolate chips are made with real Madagascar Vanilla Beans (not extract!) so they have a soft, creamy taste that’s sweet like marshmallow. Melted down with butter, it creates a chocolatey fluff that mixes perfectly with keto cereal for these bars.

What makes these keto rice crispy treats easy? They only have 4 ingredients and take three steps to make. These sugar free marshmallow treats could be made in less than 20 minutes and that includes them chilling in the fridge so they can set. There’s also some easy tricks you can use for handling these sticky treats. You can line your dish with parchment paper and spray down your knife so cutting is very simple.

Can you customize keto rice crispy treats? Of course! You can melt white chocolate and add food coloring to create a frosting for the top. And, if you’re feeling stressed about melting chocolate, check out our blog post here that can walk you through melting sugar free chocolate. It’s so easy once you get the hang of it.


Easy Keto Rice Crispy Treats


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What’s the history behind rice crispy treats?

With packaged cereal on the rise in 1939, Mildred Day had a brilliant idea: make it into a shareable treat. She was a talented chef, by all accounts, who took work and desserts very seriously (like we do). When local Campfire Girls in Kansas City asked for treats to serve at their fundraiser, Mildred decided it would be a perfect chance to try out her latest recipe for marshmallow crispy treats. While earlier recipes used molasses, she decided that marshmallows would be easier to use.

And, she was right! Since then, parents around the world have been making this easy marshmallow treat for the kiddos. We have always loved rice crispy treats, so we decided to make it keto friendly.


Is rice keto friendly?

Rice is heavy with carbohydrates, so it is not keto friendly. The good news is that there’s plenty of keto cereals you can make these low carb rice crispy treats with.


What are some keto cereal alternatives for marshmallow treats?

We love our friends over at Catalina Crunch, but you can also make your own protein cereal from scratch here.


Why are my marshmallow treats not sticking together?

Keto marshmallow cereal treats are supposed to be nice and sticky so they keep their shape. If they’re not sticking together, you might be using too much melted butter. Consider adding more melted chocolate so that the crispy treats can stick together.


Easy Keto Rice Crispy Treats


How do I store keto marshmallow crispy treats?

Marshmallow crispy treats only last 2-3 days on the counter and about a week in the fridge. If you want to freeze your keto crispy treats, let them cool and then wrap each square individually in wax paper. Then place them in a freezer bag. You can freeze marshmallow crispy treats for up to 3 months.


How does white chocolate create the marshmallow taste?

Our sugar free white chocolate chips are made with real cocoa butter and flavored with Madagascar vanilla beans. When we first launched our keto friendly chips, people commented that the white chocolate tasted sweet and creamy like a marshmallow. That’s where we got the idea to use them to create keto friendly rice crispy treats.

We think these taste better than keto marshmallows since we don’t use any sugar alcohols or stevia to sweeten our chips. We think those sweeteners tend to have an unpleasant aftertaste. Instead, we sweeten our sugar free white chips with our own blend of monk fruit extract, that has zero aftertaste! That means there’s nothing getting between you and the creamy white chocolate.


Do I need to bake rice crispy treats?

There's no need to turn the oven on for this keto dessert! These low carb marshmallow treats are completely no bake. Not to mention they only take three steps, so you can have them done before the kids get home from school.


Halloween Keto Rice Crispy Treats


Make keto rice crispies for Halloween or other holidays.

Did you know that you can cut your rice crispies into any shape you want? Just grab your favorite cookie cutter and your sugar free cereal treat is now suddenly a Christmas tree or a Valentine’s Day heart. You can also add food coloring to the mixture to make them green, pink, or even orange. No matter what season it is, these keto treats are your blank canvas.

You can also make some spooky Halloween monster crispy treats by melting three small bowls of sugar free white chocolate chips and then add food coloring like green, orange, or purple. Then, after cutting the crispy treats (you can use cookie cutter shapes if you’d like to), dip them in the melted chocolate and add some edible sprinkles and candy googly eyes.


What can I add to keto rice crispy treats?

Thinking about putting a new spin on the classic rice crispy treat? Try adding peanuts or chocolate chips. If you’re looking to give them a new flavor, you can try our sugar free pumpkin spice chips or keto friendly strawberry chips. If you want a pretty aesthetic, try a different type of cereal, like a fruity one with bright colors.

We also love simply melting down milk or dark chocolate and using it as a frosting on top of the rice crispy treat. You’re then able to add some decorations if you wish, plus it tastes so good with more chocolate!



Easy Keto Marshmallow Crispy Treats

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Easy Keto Marshmallow Crispy Treats

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