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Best Keto Super Bowl Recipes For Your Game Day Snacks

Looking for the best keto Super Bowl snacks for your game day spread? Get ready to win at the appetizer game with these savory and sweet bite-sized keto snacks. We've got the game plan for everything from hot wings to cheesecake dip so that everyone attending your football party will have an amazing time snacking. The best part about these keto recipes is that they're total crowd pleasers. Even if you have family who aren't on keto, they'll love these craveable low carb snacks so much they'll probably ask for recipes!
Even if you're not really into football and you just like to have a party to hang out with family and friends, these snacks will make the party so much fun. They're healthier alternatives to game day snacks, so you can feel full without needing to take a nap during halftime. We've got plenty of finger foods and yummy keto snacks that are low carb and sugar free-- that way you don't need to schedule a "cheat day" for the big game day!


Sweet & Spicy Keto Wing Sauce

Sweet & Spicy Keto Wing Sauce

Did you know that adding a little sweetness to hot wings keeps them from being way too spicy? It's true, you can use our sugar free syrup and siracha to create these ultimate keto friendly hot wings. Dip them in bleu cheese dip to cool them down. These oven baked keto wings come out crispy and juicy, but you can use any kind of protein you want with this wing sauce. You can even make it a dip for some yummy chicken breasts or roasted cauliflower.

Get the recipe for Sweet & Spicy Keto Wing Sauce

How to Make Keto Maple Bacon Jam

Keto Maple Bacon Jam and Crackers

Are you the type who likes to dip your bacon in maple syrup? Then you're going to love this keto maple bacon jam. That's right, bacon jam is the carnivore version that you can spread on crackers or keto friendly toast. We especially love this sugar free bacon jam with some cheese or even on some egg bites. Its salty and sweet taste is a crowd pleaser and tastes amazing with some low carb beer. This is seriously the best game day keto condiment we've ever tried!

Get the recipe for Maple Bacon Jam and Crackers

Keto Tiger Butter Fudge

Tiger Butter Fudge

What's a keto football party without some desserts? We love serving up something light and easy to eat with your hands at a football party, so this sugar free tiger butter fudge is the perfect fit. You can slice them up into squares and serve them as small bites. Maybe even stick them with a toothpick if you're feeling fancy! Even if the Bengals aren't playing this year, this striking keto treat is sure to wow your guests. They'll love the smooth peanut butter and sugar free dark chocolate "stripes," especially since this sugar free fudge doesn't come with a mid-game sugar crash.

Get the recipe for Tiger Butter Fudge

Air Fryer Spicy Keto Maple Pork Belly Bites

Spicy Keto Maple Pork Belly Bites

What is pork belly? It's a fatty boneless type of pork that tastes like a much more decadent bacon. When it's crispy, it's a perfect bite-sized snack that is pretty addicting, especially when it's tossed in a spicy maple sauce. We love to drizzle our thick sugar free maple syrup on pork belly, so this recipe adds a little kick to make it all the more delicious. You'll love these juicy low carb appetizers and we bet you can't have just one! If you happen to have any leftovers after game day, you can always serve this over some cauliflower rice or with stir fry vegetables. 

Get the recipe for Spicy Keto Maple Pork Belly Bites

Loaded Savory Keto Waffles

Loaded Savory Keto Waffles

Waffles don't need to only be sweet, they can be savory snacks that you can dip in your favorite condiments. These loaded keto friendly waffles taste like baked potato wedges with melted cheese and bacon as the base. You can then dip in our sugar free maple syrup, or sour cream and fresh chives. You could also serve with some keto queso! No matter what you and your guests pick, this savory keto finger food is a healthy snack for your football celebrations.

Get the recipe for Loaded Savory Keto Waffles

Keto Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Dip

Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Dip

Chips and dips are a popular Super Bowl affair, but what about a sweet version? Our cream cheese dip is keto friendly and full of chocolate chips. It's a culinary touchdown. We love cheesecake, but we're not going to spend hours in the kitchen making one when we can create this delicious no bake chocolate cream cheese dip. Grab some strawberries, keto chocolate squares, and even some keto mini cookies to dip in this one-of-a-kind dessert.

Get the recipe for Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Dip


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