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Keto Strawberry Danishes

No need to swing by your favorite coffee shop for a fresh keto danish pastry when you can make one yourself.

A good danish pastry is one of the best breakfasts you can have, especially if it’s had while reading the newspaper in a local bakery or coffee shop. One of the most popular danishes has cream cheese and strawberries, which is why we made a keto friendly alternative of a low carb strawberry danish! This recipe will show you how to satisfy your early morning breakfast cravings, minus the sugar–without having to worry about wheat or any other pitfalls of traditional pastry making either.

This low carb, keto strawberry pastry is fruity from the sugar free jam–yep, you heard us right, it’s a keto friendly preserve that works great as filling for almond flour pastries. It’s also got a creamy flavor from cream cheese, and the perfect melt in your mouth crust. Flaky and chewy, you’ll be coming back for more and more!

Plus, we’ll tell you how to properly store your low carb danish so that you can have it later on. The great thing about this pastry is that it is super convenient to take on the go, whether you want to sleep in a bit more before work/school or are on your way out with friends and need a little pick me up.

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What is a danish?

A danish is a pastry that is usually circular in shape, that has a flaky crust with a dab or either fruit jam or custard in the middle. Also referred to as a “Danish pastry”, this cream cheese danish can also be in the form of a danish crescent roll and bear claw danish, the first a filled pastry and the second a fanned-out shape.


Can you use fat head dough to make a keto friendly pastry?

Yes! Fat head dough is commonly used to make everything from pizza crusts to danishes that are low in net carbs. Popularized several years ago, this cheesy dough manages to taste neutral which makes it a great base for butter based desserts such as Danish pastries. You can make a great keto danish with fat head dough, and use strong flavors like strawberry or almond as well as cream cheese to make it even less obvious it’s a substitute.


Keto Strawberry Danishes


Is cream cheese keto?

Cream cheese is keto, and is actually hailed by some as a keto favorite spread. According to the USDA, 1 oz of cream cheese contains 84 calories, 8 g of fat, 1 g of carbs, and 2 g of protein. That means it is very low in carbs, which is great for a keto diet! This is a perfect addition to baking something keto that needs an extra creaminess, like this strawberry danish!


What are other keto friendly toppings you can use on keto danishes?

Other keto friendly toppings you can use on keto danishes include fresh fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries. Also, if you’d like some extra protein and church, you can sprinkle crushed nuts into your danish jam middle as well. If you’d like a more dessert-like danish, you can drizzle melted chocolate or peanut butter chips onto your pastry. Our sugar free chocolate works great, and so does our cookie butter!


Are Entenmann™'s strawberry danishes low carb?

Entenmann™'s strawberry danishes are not low carb. This is because there are a lot of new carbs in each Entenmann™'s strawberry danish due to the high sugar content and use of flour! We use almond flour to keep our strawberry danish low in carbs, but still able to maintain the flaky texture of a classic cream cheese danish.


Is strawberry jam keto?

Strawberry jam is not usually keto, as strawberries themselves have a high carb content when you use many of them in a jam or preserve. However, one of our best selling keto products is our strawberry jam. Our strawberry jam is able to be low carb due to us using less strawberries, and more of a fruit called winter melon, which is a low carb fruit that absorbs the fruit it’s mixed with. And don’t worry, we added chia seeds to add some extra nutrition and the same seed texture of normal strawberry jam!


How do you make an indent for the jam in a strawberry danish?

You can make an indent for the jam in your strawberry danish by creating indents into each dough ball by pressing down in the center with your fingers. If the dough starts to crack around the edges of the danishes, pinch the edges back together, and you will be good to go.


Keto Strawberry Turnovers


Can you make other shapes for keto danishes?

Yes, you can make other shapes for keto danishes–you even do a foldover and make this into a turnover that’s low carb! One of the prettiest ones and our favorite is the danish braid shape. You can take the dough and cut it into three equal pieces, and braid them like you would with a hair braid. Bake it for a little less time since it is smaller pieces, and bake until golden brown and check to see if it has baked fully through. Let cool and enjoy!


What pairs well with a keto danish for a complete breakfast?

Something that pairs well with a keto danish is a cup of coffee or tea. This is why you tend to see many of these pastries in coffee shops across the country. We have a mocha recipe that is perfect for pairing with this dish that is keto! Also, tea is a great addition to a keto diet as well, so brew your favorite tea and add some of our sugar free honey for extra sweetness.


Keto Danishes


Can you make other keto-friendly danishes with different fruit?

Yes, you can make other keto-friendly danishes with different fruit! One of the best ways is to use other sugar free jams. We have a few sugar free jams like our keto friendly marmalade which can all be swapped in this recipe for the strawberry jam in the same ratio.


How do you store strawberry cream cheese danishes?

You store strawberry cream cheese danishes by placing them into an airtight container! You can store them in the fridge and consume them within three days. Try and not leave them out overnight outside of the fridge, as dairy can go bad if left out too long. If you want them to stay fresh for longer, you can wrap them in foil and put them into a freezer for up to a month. However, these pastries don’t keep as well as others due to their flaky crust, so we recommend eating them as soon as possible.


Keto Strawberry Danishes

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Keto Strawberry Danishes

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