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Keto Orange Marmalade

Keto Orange Marmalade


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 With only 1g of sugar per tablespoon, our low sugar orange marmalade is making breakfast better spoon by spoon.

Our keto sweet marmalade is light tasting and infused with oranges--it tastes just like drinking orange juice from the glass. Whether it's in a marinade or spread thick on a piece of toast, our no sugar added marmalade preserves are exactly what your pantry needs!

  • Keto sweet orange marmalade spread
  • Low in sugars, carbs and calories: 15 calories per TBSP
  • Sweetened with monk fruit and prebiotic fiber
  • Gluten free, soy free, and vegan approved
Keto Orange Marmalade Nutrition Facts


Orange peel, Non-GMO resistant dextrin, oranges, winter melon, water, natural orange flavor, pectin, sodium citrate, monk fruit extract, ascorbic acid (to help protect flavor), potassium sorbate (to maintain freshness).

Not a low calorie food. See nutrition information for calorie, sugar, and saturated fat content.

We are in the process of changing labels, you may get new or old ones but they are the same product.

Product Information

One 12oz jar of no added sugar orange marmalade spread.

Our refund policy: We’re confident that you will love how our marmalade tastes and that it will arrive safe & sound. We're so confident that we have a 100% customer happiness policy--read more about our commitment to you.

  • Keto friendly
  • No sugar added
  • No sugar alcohols
  • Soy free
  • Non gmo
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free
  • Vegan
Keto Orange Marmalade
Keto Orange Marmalade

Customer Reviews

Based on 531 reviews
Orange marmalade

I love this marmalade. It’s the only brand I’ve found that I’ve been able to eat while doing Keto. The flavor is perfect. I can’t wait to try the other jams by Choczero


Love this reminds me of my moms

Good Stuff

I use a teaspoon of the Keto Orange Marmalade on my peanut butter and jelly sandwich daily. Has a great taste and very nutritious. Really boosts the flavor.

I adore this, but 1/2 serving shot my BG up 65 points!

I had one slice zero carb bread. I usually have a slice with two eggs and my blood glucose only raises around 10 points. I didn’t have time for the eggs today. After eating half the slice of toast, I added a teaspoonful of the orange marmalade. 40 minutes later my CGM jumped 65 points.

Hey there! We're really sorry that you experienced a blood sugar spike. All of our ingredients are low glycemic, and are low in net carbs so blood sugar spikes are very rare. That said, we understand everyone is metabolically different and we'd love to hear more about your blood sugar spike. We offer a refund if you can't enjoy our products for any reason, so please get in touch with support@choczero.com. Thank you very much!

Benita N.
Great taste

Love this compared to Aldi's brand its spot on!


Great on orange chicken

Orange Marmalade

The best! I have ordered this numerous times.


Keto orange pork😋


Husband’s favorite!


It has the zingy, punchy citrus pop you want out of an orange marmalade without the sugar high regret. We eat it on keto toast all the time and as an added benefit, a little can go a long way since it has lots of orange rind and the zest of orange oils to make the flavor pop without an overly sweet back-note. This stuff is awesome!!


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