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Low Carb Orange Chicken

This low carb orange chicken is a sugar free and healthy recipe. This is a delicious low carb Panda Express™ dupe.

Want to make orange chicken at home? This Panda Express™ dupe is easy to make and has lower carbs and sugar than the restaurant version. Orange chicken is a sweet dish of fried chicken and a delicious sauce, but traditionally it’s made with a lot of sugar. This sugar free orange chicken is made with our keto orange marmalade which has zero added sugar. We also made this recipe lower in net carbs using almond flour and coconut flour. Despite being better-for-you than the takeout version of orange chicken, this recipe is still crispy and delicious. You’ll love the sweet taste of the sugar free orange sauce so much you won’t even miss the Panda Express™ version.

The secret to the perfect homemade orange chicken is to never crowd the frying pan. If you want crispy chicken, make sure that the breaded chicken pieces don’t touch while they’re frying in the pan. You’re looking for the perfect golden brown color to the chicken and that’s when it’s ready for the delicious authentic orange chicken sauce. We added some sriracha to this orange chicken sauce, but you can add more or less depending on your own taste buds.

Serve this meal up with sauteed veggies and rice or cauliflower rice and you’ve got yourself an easy meal that’s a Panda Express™ healthy copycat. Since this recipe has less carbs and no added sugar, this meal will energize you and taste delicious.

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Who invented orange chicken?

Would you be surprised to hear that the orange chicken we know today was invented by a chef at Panda Express™? In 1987, Chef Andy Kao was developing recipes for the restaurant and came up with the crispy, sweet chicken dish that made Panda Express™ famous. There’s more to the story, of course, since orange chicken was a dish known to Chinese immigrants over a hundred years ago. That version of the classic Chinese dish had no breading and the sauce consisted of leftover orange peels. It wasn’t nearly as sweet as we know it now, but as Chinese takeout became popular in America, the sweeter dish simply made sense to Chef Kao.


Is orange chicken from Panda Express™ low carb?

Sadly, orange chicken from Panda Express™ is not low carb. It has about 60g of net carbs and 34g of sugar. Most dishes that are deep fried and full of sugar from Chinese restaurants are not healthy and full of extra calories. That’s why we’ve created this low carb orange chicken dupe that’s low in sugar and carbs!


Low Carb Orange Chicken


How can I make orange chicken sugar free?

While restaurant orange chicken has over 30 grams of sugar, you can make a sugar free version with our keto orange marmalade. Our sweet sugar free marmalade is made with orange peel, so it can give you the authentic taste of orange chicken effortlessly.


What is the orange chicken sauce made of?

The sauce on orange chicken is traditionally made with oranges, sugar, soy sauce, and a little spice if you want! There are other ingredients to make it more authentic like rice vinegar and ginger. We substituted the oranges and sugar with our sugar free orange marmalade that’s made with real oranges. That way you can have a copycat orange chicken sugar free sauce that tastes like the real thing.


What’s the difference between orange chicken and General Tso?

While both dishes are totally delicious, orange chicken is made with a sweet orange sauce, while General Tso’s chicken is made with a sweet and sour sauce that’s got more of a tang to it than sweet. Both can have spice mixed in to bring the heat!


Low Carb Orange Chicken


What can I serve with orange chicken?

Orange chicken is best enjoyed with some sauteed vegetables and a scoop of rice. If you’re on a low carb or keto diet, try cauliflower rice. You can also chop up the leftovers and add to an Asian-inspired salad!


Can I make orange chicken in the air fryer?

While this recipe pan fries the orange chicken to give it that authentic flavor, you can absolutely air fry this recipe instead. Place the chicken in an air fryer at 400°F for about 6-8 minutes. Flip the chicken and heat for another 6-8 minutes until golden brown. Times may vary depending on the size of the chicken pieces.


How do I store orange chicken?

Orange chicken can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days in an airtight container.


Low Carb Orange Chicken

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Low Carb Orange Chicken

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