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White Chocolate Keto Frozen Fruit Bars

There are no keto frozen fruit bars in stores, but you can make a homemade sugar free frozen raspberry bar any time that is the perfect way to cool off in hot weather. These fudgy white chocolate pops are dairy free and extra creamy due to their cocoa butter. By using coconut cream instead of heavy creamy, they are able to be vegan friendly while being healthy and delicious. These bars taste just like chocolate and raspberry ice cream only without the sugar!

Making them is as easy as melting our sugar free white chocolate chips and combining them with coconut cream to make the Popsicle base. Just pop in fresh raspberries, blueberries, or other berries then freeze for a few minutes--you can enjoy them right out of the freezer. The great thing about this recipe is often frozen desserts for the summer use dairy and they are full of sugar and sugar alcohols like maltitol. Our sugar free frozen raspberry bars are low glycemic and use our keto friendly white chocolate, making them an easy and quick keto recipe to do any time you want to have a frosty snack.

This creation comes to us from Maya at Wholesome Yum.

Makes 6 popsicles. Macros per serving (1 popsicle):
Calories: 295 | Fat: 24.8 g | Net Carbs: 4.9 g | Protein: 3.5 g

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White Chocolate Keto Frozen Fruit Bars

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White Chocolate Keto Frozen Fruit Bars

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