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Share your love of keto friendly chocolate.

Are you a lifestyle blogger? A mom helping other moms find healthy snacks? Or maybe you just love to review keto products? If you’re one of those, all that, or somewhere in between, we want you to show off ChocZero treats to the world. Becoming a brand ambassador for our keto chocolate means you can work with us to make the world a little bit sweeter– one ChocZero square at a time!


Become a Brand Ambassador

How does the ChocZero Brand Ambassador Program Work?

ChocZero brand ambassadors are those of you who want to get out and spread the word about our chocolate. You are our internet street team and our first line of support. An ideal ChocZero brand ambassador will be someone who is living a sugar free lifestyle with a focus on their health--either from a special diet like keto or a natural clean eating approach. You'll also be influential in one or more spheres of the internet: from Facebook to Instagram, to personal blogs and forums, you should spend time online and have a following to back it up.  Last but not least, you'll want to be a big fan of our chocolate!

When it comes to working with ChocZero, the sky is the limit. Maybe you're active on Instagram and want to share your coupon code whenever you nosh on some ChocZero. Perhaps you're a prolific blogger who wants to place their coupon code on the sidebar along with a special referral link. No matter how you want to work with us, big or small, we'll come up with a plan that fits both our needs!

What are the perks of becoming a ChocZero Brand Ambassador?

Each time you refer a customer to us who purchases our products, you receive a cut of the sale as a thanks. As we grow our relationship, you may have access to opportunities such as free samples, giveaways, and promoted posts. Referrals can come from coupon codes and a special URL customized for you and your brand. You’ll receive more information once we’ve accepted your application.

Meet Some ChocZero Ambassadors

Julie Smith

Published keto cookbook author & keto guide, Julie Smith makes keto look simple--and fun. She loves ChocZero and we love her!


Mayra is always teaching her kids how to be healthy and we love that our syrup has become a part of their morning routine.


Jess has lost 150 pounds following the keto diet and bariatric surgery. She lives life the way she wants to and gives us inspiration on how to respect and love ourselves. You might recognize her from our TikTok account!


Creator of delicious recipes that are WW friendly and are lightened up versions of your favorite classics. Miss those sugar packed treats at Starbucks? Linds has a copycat recipe that'll fit into your points and make you feel amazing.


Heather is a super cool momma who teaches easy protein packed hacks and how to make the perfect healthy coffee. She's the place to go for realistic recipes and life tips that will help you on your lifestyle journey.

Kassey Cameron

Kassey is living her best life on keto. She figured out how to change up her lifestyle for the better without giving up the things she loves. Now you can check out her recipe book and make some chocolate goodies.

Great, I'm In!
How Do I Get Started?

Below is the form for you to fill out. Once you fill it out, our marketing and social media team will be in contact with you within 30 business days should we decide to proceed and accept you into our ambassador program.

Disclaimer: due to the volume of brand ambassador applications, it sometimes takes longer to get back to folks.

Thanks for your interest, we're touched you would even consider joining our small, tight-knit team of affiliates and we hope this is the start of a sweet (but sugar free) relationship!


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