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Keto Cookie Butter Pie

This keto no bake pie is a cookie butter recipe you'll love. A Biscoff™ inspired delight, gluten free cinnamon cookies swirl together into a spread that is the perfect filling for anything sweet.

This keto no bake pie is a cookie butter recipe you'll love. Cookie butter is all the rage right now–and why wouldn't it be? A Biscoff™ inspired delight, gluten free cinnamon cookies swirl together into a spread that is a perfect filling for anything sweet.

This no bake pie is one of the best cookie butter dishes so far, and I'm not saying that just because our keto friendly speculoos spread is the star. It’s also low carb, 8g protein and only 3g sugar per serving, takes minutes to make, and is so delicious you may not have any leftovers to share…

This pie is a shining star all on its own, but becomes even sweeter with an optional keto whipped cream border! The light creaminess mixed with the flavor of our Biscoff™ inspired speculoos spread will have you feeling like you're swimming in cookies on cloud 9. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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Why is it called cookie butter?

This spread is called cookie butter because it is typically made with speculoos cookies! Sometimes it is even called Speculoos Cream, directly after the cookie. Essentially, this is a cookie in a cream form that is spreadable. And I know what you’re thinking, spreadable cookies sound so good it may be dangerous…But in this recipe, we’ll show you it doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure. Just straight up, spreadable cookie pleasure.


What cookie is cookie butter made out of?

The cookie that cookie butter is made out of is the speculoos cookie. It is crisp and snaps when you bite into it. Gaining popularity as a staple airline snack, this cutely named cookie is typically served on St. Nicholas Day in Belgium and the Netherlands. Yum!


Keto Cookie Butter Pie


What is a speculoos cookie?

A speculoos cookie is typically known as a Biscoff™ cookie in the United States and the United Kingdom. It is made with a combination of spices, with the main ingredients of speculoos being wheat flour, candy syrup, fat, and, at times, cinnamon. The taste of this cookie is a bit like gingerbread mixed with caramel, with a little less spice than a straight gingerbread cookie.


What country do spiced Windmill cookies come from?

The country where spiced Windmill cookies come from is the Netherlands! Although Biscoff™ is the famous spiced cookie in cookie butter spreads, spiced cookies also known as speculoos are Dutch, as well as windmill cookies! A sweet European snack, their history is quite fascinating. The people who originally made this tasty treat were the Steenstra family. In 1920, they immigrated from the Netherlands and came all the way to Grand Rapids, Michigan. They built a bakery in the 40’s, serving their family's speculaas cookie recipe. These Dutch speculaas cookies were then called "Windmill Cookies" once they crossed over into the US.


Keto Cookie Butter Pie


Is Biscoff™ spread gluten free?

Biscoff™ spread is not gluten free, and neither are Lotus Biscoff™ cookies themselves. They both contain wheat which makes it unsafe for those with celiac disease as well as people who cannot have gluten. But don’t fret; even though it's not gluten free, our keto cookie butter spread is gluten free!


How to make Biscoff™ cake?

So, you want to make Biscoff™ cake. Craving more cookie butter? We don’t blame you! Here is a link to our full mug cake recipe, but here’s a simplified version using only four ingredients if you are strapped for time and want to make it out of ingredients you may already have around the kitchen. Take ¼ cup ChocZero cookie spread, 4 tbsp heavy cream, 4 tbsp almond flour, and ½ tsp baking powder. In a large oversized mug, combine all ingredients until smooth. Cook in the microwave for about 1 minute and 15 seconds. If not fully set, cook 10 more seconds at a time until set. Remove and let cool before eating, and you’re good to go!


How to melt cookie butter spread without a microwave?

If you want to melt cookie butter spread without a microwave, a great option is to use a pot and stove. Of course, a microwave is the quickest and most efficient way to heat and melt cookie butter for these types of recipes, but for those who don’t own one, simply place the desired amount of cookie butter into the pot, heat on low, and stir until it has melted to the desired consistency. Tip: Make sure not to do so for too long, and take off of heat once consistency is achieved. If you wait too long, you can risk burning the sugar in the spread and it may be hard to clean off of the pot.


How do you decorate Biscoff™ cookie pie?

When you decorate your Biscoff™ cookie pie, one of the cutest things you can do is place a swirl of keto whipped cream on each slice. Also, feel free to get creative with the way you pipe it on your Biscoff™ cookie pie, with shapes like hearts or stars. You can also make these shapes with the cookie butter spread itself. Finally, you can take our cookie butter spread and spread a layer on wax paper. Freeze for a couple of hours, then take a cookie cutter or knife and cut shapes out of the cookie butter. Place on top of the whole pie or individual slice, then serve!


Keto Cookie Butter Pie


How do I make cookie butter ice cream?

Thankfully, it’s very simple to make cookie butter ice cream! Simply take your favorite tub of white chocolate ice cream (we prefer this recipe that we make, that you can follow step by step and just exclude the raspberry) and swirl in as much of our cookie butter as you'd like. Simply spread half the ice cream into the pan you’ll serve it in, pipe on cookie butter (you can use a piping bag or cut plastic bag to help). Drop spoonfuls of the cookie butter on top of the ice cream as well. Gently swirl through the ice cream with a knife or chopstick. Finally, freeze overnight or until firm enough to scoop!


How long will no bake pie last in the fridge?

This no bake pie will last in the fridge for up to two to three days. If you choose to do whipped cream on your pie, then the whipped cream will not last for as long as the pie, as sometimes it may melt, so keep that in mind when portioning out the pie. Make sure to keep in mind that it will taste best the sooner it is consumed after making.


Keto Cookie Butter Pie

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Keto Cookie Butter Pie

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