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3 Minute Keto Cookie Butter Mug Cake

Sometimes you want to make dessert without a ton of leftovers. This keto mug cake is your solution.
Cookie butter is great right off the spoon, but did you know you can bake with it, too? That's right, even though we bake real cookies and pack them inside our own cookie butter, we also like taking that magical spread and making a dessert that tastes amazing. Keto cookie butter can be used to make all kinds of desserts, but we prefer making keto mug cakes. What's a mug cake? They are tiny cakes you can bake in the microwave that take very little effort and are so delicious.

This keto dessert takes only three minutes to make and doesn't create a mess in the kitchen. That gives you time to add toppings to your cake! You can top this sugar free mug cake with something yummy like homemade sugar free whipped cream, sprinkles, or even our sugar free chocolate chips. Our recipe makes four servings, so you can store the mug cakes in the fridge for up to 4 days. That's almost a whole work week's worth of yummy keto dessert.

This recipe comes to us from Culinary Lion.


3 Minute Keto Cookie Butter Mug Cake

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3 Minute Keto Cookie Butter Mug Cake

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