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The Best Keto Pancake Recipes

Ah, pancakes. Our love for this breakfast staple is what lead us to make our thick and rich sugar free syrups, and it's something we're always cooking up in the kitchen. While we love making the biggest tower of flapjacks we can, there's other delicious ways to enjoy these sweet breakfast treats. The good news is that pancakes can be made in a low carb and keto friendly way so that you can enjoy them as often as we do (and we eat a lot of pancakes).

Here are some of our favorite ways to make keto pancakes, from the fluffy soufflé kind to itty bitty tiny pancakes you can eat like cereal. Some of these recipes are as easy as putting them into a pie maker and enjoying a sip of coffee. Some you can impress the fam by making them a rainbow stack of color! If you try any of these out, make sure to let us know on Instagram. We love to see your creations.


Coconut Flour Keto Pancakes

Coconut Flour Keto Pancakes

 Coconut flour is the go-to ingredient for a lot of keto baking. Why? It's naturally kind of sweet while still being low carb. But, you know us: we like to get a little extra. That's why we dyed the pancakes so that it made a beautiful, colorful tower when they're all done. We chose red and blue, but you can dye them your favorite!

Get the recipe for Coconut Flour Keto Pancakes

Keto Souffle Pancakes

Keto Soufflé Pancakes

 These fluffy, cloud-like pancakes were an overnight hit in Japan, so we had to give them a try. These thick and decadent pancakes can be topped with anything from sugar free sprinkles to fresh strawberries. You can dress them up in chocolate syrup or make some easy, keto friendly whipped cream to take this fluffy breakfast to the next level.

Get the recipe for Keto Souffle Pancakes


Keto Breakfast Pancake Pies

Keto Breakfast Pancake Pies

 Are you the kind of person who likes to dunk your breakfast sausage in maple syrup? We're the same way, that's why we love these keto breakfast pancake pies. Just mix together the pancake batter and then put it in a mini pie maker with sausage or bacon. Then you have an easy breakfast that makes great leftovers!

Get the recipe for Keto Breakfast Pancake Pies

Mini Keto Pancakes Cereal

Mini Keto Pancakes Cereal

 It's easy to see why these tiny pancakes became a summer hit! They're so cute. We wanted in on the fun, so we made the keto version that is low carb and won't make you sugar crash before 10am. The best things about these little guys is that you can put them on some ice cream or just eat them out of the bowl like this!

Get the recipe for Mini Keto Pancakes Cereal


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