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What is Lupin Flour? A Keto Friendly Flour Substitute

Have you heard about lupin flour and wondered how to bake keto recipes with it? Lupin flour is a low carb all purpose flour substitute made of ground lupini beans. It’s rich in protein and low in net carbs, so it’s ideal for keto baking. While almond flour and coconut flour can be overly dry, lupin flour is known for its ability to absorb moisture. What does that mean? It means you can make perfectly fluffy gluten free bread, chewy keto cookies, or just about anything that needs a moist crumb to feel right.

Below, we’ll explain everything you need to know about lupin flour, how to bake with it, and what it’s made out of. From there, we’ve included some delicious keto friendly recipes that use lupin flour to kickstart your new baking obsession. You’ll be a lupin expert and when your keto friends can’t believe how perfectly chewy your next chocolate chip cookie is, you can tell them the secret ingredient is lupin flour. Well, besides our lucious no sugar added chocolate chips, of course!

And, if you’re looking for that lupin flour chocolate chip cookie recipe? Look no further. We created the perfect Lupin Flour Keto Cookies that are so soft and delicious. We also really love the golden color the lupin flour brings out. If you’re not sure where to start with keto lupin flour, we suggest making these cookies to see how you like it! If scones or dessert pizza is more your style, keep reading for more recipes.

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What does Lupin Flour taste like?

Lupin flour tastes different from other flours you’ve probably used before. Some find that it has a neutral taste with a slight bitterness. Others say it doesn’t taste like much at all. We find that lupin flour works the best in desserts or recipes that have toppings if it tastes a little bitter to you. The taste comes from the fact it is made completely from ground lupin (also known as lupini) beans. This is good since lupini beans are gluten free and packed with protein.


Lupin flour vs almond flour?

Lupin flour has a great texture, especially compared to the dryness you can find in almond flour. If you’re looking to make bread or chewy cookies, lupin flour works a lot better than almond flour because it has a more airy texture. Most experts recommend not swapping lupin flour for almond 1:1, but instead to use the two flours together in a recipe to balance each other out. Almond flour tends to have a sweeter and nutty flavor, so some might use it for taste and lupin flour for texture when baking together.

Here’s a recipe for Keto Pumpkin Scones that’s a great example of using almond flour and lupin flour together for a delicious scone.

If you’re looking for a gluten-free Starbucks™ pumpkin spice scone, this is the recipe for you. Everyone loves going to the coffee shop and picking up seasonal goodies in the Fall, but it isn’t exactly the most healthy habit to have. Snacks from Starbucks™ can be high in carbs and sugar, so they’ll easily kick you out of ketosis. That’s why you should make your own low carb scone at home.

Scones can be dry if you’re not careful, but the secret to these keto pumpkin scones is using pumpkin puree and a little lupin flour to keep the dough moist. That’s right, lupin flour is known for holding moisture, so it’s perfect for baking low carb scones. How do we sweeten this baked wonder? With our sugar free honey!


Keto Pumpkin Scones with a Sugar Free Glaze


How to bake with Lupin Flour?

The best way to bake keto recipes with lupin flour is to use it in addition to other low carb flours such as almond and coconut. By using lupin flour as a small addition, you can bypass its taste and get all of its consistency benefits. What kind of consistency benefits does keto lupin flour have? It’s airy and absorbs moisture better than coconut flour or almond flour, so it creates fluffy bread, cookies, and other low carb baked goods! Since the taste of lupin flour can be a little bitter for some people, it’s best to use with the other keto flours which tend to be sweeter or nuttier.

In short, lupin flour is best for adding moisture and airy texture to all your keto bakes. If you’ve ever made cookies and felt they weren’t chewy enough, the addition of lupin flour can help get the texture you want. Most find that a 1:2 lupin to almond flour ratio is a good place to start. If you have a recipe that calls for 2 cups of almond flour, try 1 cup of lupin flour and 1 cup of almond flour.

One of our favorite things to do at ChocZero is create keto copycats of Crumbl™ cookies. Here’s our Crumbl™ Galaxy Brownie Cookie Keto Copycat.

We love Crumbl™ cookies, but hate how they can kick us off keto in just a few bites. While we admire their ability to come up with new flavors every week, we really don’t like all the carbohydrates and sugar that are packed into these giant cookies. Not to mention that Crumbl™ cookies can get expensive! That’s why you should make your own healthy Crumbl™ brownie cookie at home with the help of lupin flour and our no sugar added chocolate chips.

Since these cookies need to feel like brownies, the trick is to make them chewy and moist. That can be hard with almond flour alone, which is why this recipe uses lupin flour. You can create the most delicious cookies using lupin flour because it has the perfect texture for that moist crumble you need in cookies and brownies.


Crumbl Galaxy Brownie Cookie Keto Copycat


Is Lupin flour healthy?

Yes, lupin flour is a healthy flour substitute. Since lupin flour is made of ground lupin beans, it has all the benefits that the beans do. That means it’s full of potassium, calcium and magnesium– not to mention plenty of protein to keep you full. One quarter cup of lupin flour only has 1g net carb, so compared to all purpose flour’s 23g net carbs it’s much better for you!


Is lupin flour gluten free?

Yes, lupin flour is gluten free. It’s entirely made out of lupin beans, which is a form of plant protein that has no gluten.

Did you know you can make pizza dough with lupin flour? It’s true, you can get that perfect pizza crust using a fathead keto pizza dough recipe. Fathead pizza dough is simply made of keto friendly ingredients such as lupin flour mixed with cheese to help the dough “rise” without gluten. You can use this technique for a regular pepperoni pizza, or you can make a Keto Fruit Dessert Pizza with our no sugar added chocolate hazelnut spread. The great thing about pizza, whether it’s for dessert or dinner, is you can customize it however you want and still enjoy pizza night gluten free.


Keto Friendly Dessert Pizza with Fathead Dough


Can lupin flour kick you out of ketosis?

No, lupin flour should not kick you out of ketosis. According to these studies, ingesting lupin flour does not increase blood glucose levels. Of course, everyone’s body is different, so it’s best to check how your own body reacts to any new food.


Is lupin flour keto friendly?

Yes, lupin flour is keto friendly! It’s a somewhat new keto friendly flour that’s low carb and creates an amazing texture for your breads and cookies. This flour made with lupin beans is low in carbohydrates while being high in protein and fiber. The lupini beans it's made of has been part of the Mediterranean diet for a while as an easy snack or great side dish. The flour has been popping up more and more in western recipes that are low carb and keto friendly due to the low net carbs. Like we mentioned before, lupin flour can absorb moisture better than almond flour or coconut flour, so it helps keto bakers create recipes that are moist and so delicious.

Since lupini beans are legumes, those who might have peanut allergies should take caution when using this flour. Besides that, it’s totally healthy and great for anyone going low carb or trying to eat healthier.


How do you eat lupini?

Curious how to eat lupini beans on their own? If you like the taste of lupin flour, you can cook lupini beans by soaking them in water, boiling them in salted water and then seasoning with lemon juice and some ground cumin. To eat, simply tear the skin of the bean with your teeth and then eat the seed inside.



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