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Keto Pumpkin Scones with a Sugar Free Glaze

Make your own gluten-free Starbucks pumpkin scones at home! Each homemade pumpkin scone is full of flavor of classic Fall flavors and sugar free.

Are Starbucks™ pumpkin scones keto friendly? They're not, and that's why we created this recipe for keto pumpkin scones for your diet. Let's face it, going to the coffee shop and picking up seasonal baked goods as Fall begins is a tradition. However, most classic pumpkin scones have a lot of sugar in them and tons of wheat which will could kick you out of ketosis. But don't worry, we've made a keto scone recipe that uses pumpkin puree to create fluffy scones. Our almond flour scone recipe makes a gluten-free scone that is not too soggy and not too dry: the perfect low carb scone. Then we topped it with a sweet pumpkin glaze and layered it with an additional sugar-free pumpkin spice glaze to create a decoration that matches store-bought pumpkin frosted scones perfectly.

The secret ingredient to making the best keto scone is to pick the right pumpkin puree and to use a dash of lupin flour for a perfect texture. Your friends and family will never know this autumn treat is a healthy scone with no added sugar and zero wheat. Say hello to an easy pumpkin scone recipe that with lower calories and less sugar!

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How do you make gluten-free scones?

It's easy to make a gluten-free pumpkin scone. By using a combination of almond flour and lupin flour, we have created a perfect copy of a traditional scone texture. The mix of these naturally gluten-free flours makes a perfect dough consistency and the lupin flour keeps the baked scones moist with the perfect amount of crumble.


Are pumpkin scones sweet or savory?

Our keto pumpkin scone is sweet. It has two different glazes: one is a sweet traditional glaze and the other is a spice glaze. The frosting compliments the taste of pumpkin well with notes of cinnamon and nutmeg. You can make a savory pumpkin scone by reducing the sugar and removing the glaze--it would be an excellent complement to butternut squash soup or other classic Fall dishes.


What is a scone?

The origin of scones is a bit fuzzy, but some believe scones originated in Scotland back in 1513! These delicious treats were originally made with flour, butter, milk, eggs, and sugar, and enjoyed with clotted cream or jam. The texture of a scone is somewhere between a biscuit and a flaky pastry. Not dry and crumbly, but not moist or gooey. Unlike the traditional British scones that are carbohydrate heavy, our pumpkin scone recipe uses gluten-free almond flour & lupin flour and zero sugar, but still maintains the light crust and fluffy moist interior that scones are known for. Scones are usually enjoyed with a cup of coffee or tea, but we think they’re a great treat for any time of the day.


Keto Pumpkin Scones with a Sugar Free Glaze


How many calories are in classic pumpkin scones?

Pumpkin scones from Starbucks traditionally have a lot of calories due to their heavy butter and sugar content. Our keto pumpkin scone has lower calories because it has zero added sugar. Starbuck pumpkin scones have over 500 calories and 46 g of sugars in just one scone. Our keto pumpkin scones ring in at about 394 calories and only 3 g of natural sugars, with no sugars added.


Are scones healthy?

The healthiness of a scone comes down to the ingredients. In our healthy keto pumpkin scone, we use low carb & gluten-free flours, pure pumpkin puree, and our sugar free honey to sweeten. Even though they are healthy, we would still consider these scones a treat, but a treat you can have with your morning coffee.


How do I make pumpkin scones?

Scones are considered difficult to make, however, they can be made easy with experience and know-how. Our keto scone recipe has a helpful step-by-step process done by a professional baker to teach you how to make almond flour scones, but make sure to watch out for two things: your ingredients and the dough itself. Your ingredients will need to match this list exactly. It's likely that your biggest pitfall will be a sticky dough. If your scone dough is sticky, make sure to dust your hands with almond flour before you knead it to help shape it. This will make it easier to work with.


Can you freeze pumpkin scones?

Pumpkin spice may be a Fall flavor, but you can certainly freeze scones year round. When stored in an airtight container, scones can be frozen for up to a month, chilled in the fridge for up to a week, and at room temperature for a couple of days. Ready for a warm scone again? Simply reheat in the microwave for a few minutes to soften or pop them in an oven for a few minutes to make the outside of your keto scone crispy.


How do you eat scones?

There are many ways to eat scones depending on the type of scone. According to Queen Elizabeth, for plain scones you dollop jam and then clotted cream during an afternoon tea. For our pumpkin scones, no extra toppings needed! You can just enjoy them as is with the pumpkin glaze. Another great part about scones is they are usually best enjoyed without any utensils! Just use your hands to break off bite sized pieces for breakfast with your morning latte or tea. Have a napkin ready & enjoy!



Keto Pumpkin Scones with a Sugar Free Glaze

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Keto Pumpkin Scones with a Sugar Free Glaze

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