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Easiest Sugar Free Mini Cheesecake Bites

Enjoy a bite of chocolate covered cheesecake with these sugar free keto cheesecake bites. This recipe is sugar alcohol free, so there’s no weird aftertaste.

Try this healthy dessert that actually tastes good. Using only 5 ingredients, these keto mini cheesecake bites use absolutely no artificial sweeteners. That means no weird after taste that can happen with some homemade sugar free desserts. We sweeten these bite-sized desserts with our sugar free vanilla flavoring syrup that uses monk fruit as the sweetener. Not only are these cheesecake truffles easy to make, they’re a crowd pleaser. Folks who try these mini cheesecake bites won’t believe they’re sugar free and gluten free!

The recipe we have below is the base chocolate covered cheesecake dessert. Once you get a handle on this extremely easy recipe, you can customize it to your liking. You can add a layer of crust made out of our butter cookies and melted butter, or a little jam to make this a strawberry chocolate cheesecake. You can also make these cheesecake bites to fit the season. If you’re getting ready for a Galentine’s party, you can make a plate of these with our sugar free white chocolate chips dyed pink and red! You can even flavor the cheesecake with extract or our sugar free flavoring syrups to fit the mood and season.

And of course, don’t forget keto pumpkin cheesecake bites! When it’s fall, it’s time to bust out that pumpkin and make a delicious healthy pumpkin cheesecake. This recipe can be modified to turn into a gorgeous fall treat by adding a little pumpkin puree into the cheesecake mixture. We also suggest trying our white chocolate chips as the chocolate shell, as the white chocolate tastes amazing with pumpkin cheesecake.

You will love these easy mini cheesecake bites so much you’ll want to make a big batch! If you have extra, these keto cheesecake bites freeze well and can be enjoyed straight from the freezer or defrosted in the refrigerator. This is one of the easiest healthy desserts ever and it’ll make you forget all about The Cheesecake Factory™.

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How do I make mini cheesecake bites?

Mini cheesecake bites are really easy to make. Simply mix cream cheese with our sugar free flavoring syrup and a few other ingredients, then cover with melted chocolate and chill. The best part about this recipe is that it doesn’t use any artificial sweeteners. Our vanilla flavoring syrup is sweetened with monk fruit only, so there’s no erythritol or sugar alcohols. That means this healthy cheesecake recipe actually tastes good!


What crust should I use for chocolate covered cheesecake bites?

While this recipe doesn’t call for a crust, if you’d like to include it, you can make gluten free cheesecake crust with our keto butter cookies. Crush them up and mix with melted butter to create the no bake cheesecake crust. Cut the crust into bite-sized pieces. Then you can place a chilled ball of the cheesecake filling on top and cover with chocolate.


Easiest Sugar Free Mini Cheesecake Bites


What’s a healthy alternative to Costco™ cheesecake bites?

If you’re looking for an easy crowd pleaser like the cheesecake bites found at Costco™, you can make these instead! They’re healthy, low carb, and made without any added sugar. If you share these party-sized desserts, they won’t be able to tell they were sugar free! Plus, you can use whatever chocolate chip flavor you want, or even add a little jam on top of the cheesecake mixture to make this recipe your own.


Can I freeze cheesecake bites?

You can freeze cheesecake bites! These mini cheesecakes covered in chocolate freeze well. You can enjoy them frozen or thawed for a few hours in the refrigerator. That’s why you can make a large batch of these easy healthy dessert bites and save them for later.


Are these chocolate covered cheesecake bites no bake?

These mini cheesecakes are totally no bake! Just whip up the cheesecake mixture, melt your chocolate, and dip the cheesecake balls into the melted chocolate. They need time in the fridge to firm up, and then they’re ready to go!


How can I customize my cheesecake bites?

Besides being absolutely delicious, the best part about these cheesecake bites is that they can be easily customizable. You can add a layer of our sugar free strawberry jam, you can use sugar free white chocolate chips to coat the cheesecake, you can even flavor the cheesecake with our sugar free hazelnut flavoring syrup. These are a great dessert for any time of the year and can be decorated to fit any season!


Easiest Sugar Free Mini Cheesecake Bites


How can I make keto cheesecake no crust?

You can make keto cheesecake without any crust using this mini cheesecake recipe. Crust can sometimes be full of carbs, so a no crust cheesecake is a delicious substitution. This mini cheesecake recipe has no crust, so you can enjoy a cheesecake treat without worry.


How can I make mini keto pumpkin cheesecake bites?

You can make mini keto pumpkin cheesecake bites by following this recipe and adding pumpkin puree to the cheesecake mixture. We suggest starting with half of a 15oz can of pumpkin puree and adding more to taste. You can then add pumpkin pie seasoning (about 2 tsp) and mix it up. For the chocolate shell, melt down your favorite chocolate chips. We suggest white chocolate as it tastes amazing with pumpkin pie.


Easiest Sugar Free Mini Cheesecake Bites

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Easiest Sugar Free Mini Cheesecake Bites

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