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Keto Wheat Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies

A nut-free keto cookie made with low carb wheat flour.

Have you picked up a bag of keto friendly wheat flour and are wondering what to bake first? We've got the best Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe made with Keto Wheat Flour for you to try!

While there are plenty of keto friendly alternative flours around, a lot of them don't work for people with nut allergies. Now there's a lower carb wheat flour on the market, and of course we had to put it to the test! And naturally we can't bake a cookie without adding our keto friendly chocolate chips to create a classic chocolate chip cookie that just so happens to be low carb.

These keto wheat flour cookies were developed by Joyce at @liftingiscake who inspired us all with her low carb baking. This is the keto chocolate chip wheat flour cookie you've been dreaming of! 


Keto Wheat Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Keto Wheat Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies

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