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Keto Pizookie

These warm and ooey-gooey keto desserts are served inside stunning cast iron skillets. These will be sure to wow your date!

A keto skillet cookie is an impressive way to round out a homemade steak dinner. These warm and ooey-gooey keto desserts are served inside stunning cast iron skillets and are decadent, especially when paired with syrups. This keto friendly pizookie recipe can be topped with keto vanilla ice cream, your favorite sugar free chocolate syrup, or crumbled keto peanut butter cups. You can also bake the cookie with whatever chips you want, including our sugar free peanut butter chips!

In fact, what makes low carb skillet cookies special is that we've put a peanut butter spin on it! The sugar free peanut butter chips create a melt in your mouth center and the chopped peanuts bring a little crunch. If you're not into peanut butter, never fear. You can substitute any chocolate chips you want and add a little keto chocolate hazelnut spread instead of the chopped nuts. This skillet cookie is truly customizable.

And, don't forget to sprinkle sea salt flakes after it's out of the oven! The natural salt helps balance out the sweetness of the cookie and makes chocolate taste amazing.

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What is a pizookie?

A pizookie is a skillet cookie with ice cream on top from BJ’s. BJ’s is a restaurant chain that made them famous and have many different flavors on their menu, ranging from chocolate chip to cookies and cream. The name is a clever portmanteau of cookie and pizza…piz-ookie! Cute, right? You can even top this pizookie recipe with a sugar free ice cream from our recipe here!


Can you make a keto skillet cookie in the airfryer?

You can make a keto skillet cookie in the airfryer! Place the dough into the basket, and make sure to leave two inches apart in an even layer. You can cook at 300°F for ten minutes, and check for it being cooked all the way through before adding a few minutes until completion. Remove, cool until safe to eat, and enjoy!


What is the most common type of skillet cookie?

The most common type of skillet cookie is the chocolate chip skillet cookie. A majority of recipes are for chocolate chip skillet cookies, and these are one of our personal favorites! Some other common flavors are peanut butter, sugar, monkey bread, and chocolate.


Keto Pizookie


What ingredients does a skillet cookie usually have?

The ingredients that a skillet cookie usually has that are in this recipe are butter, vanilla extract, eggs, baking powder, and salt. This recipe deviates by using substitutes to become a gluten free pizookie: almond flour and sweetener, which differ from other skillet cookie recipes that use flour and sugar. They’re made with almond flour to keep them celiac friendly and reduce their net carbs! Plus, for this recipe, if you're not into peanut butter, you can substitute with any chocolate chips you want and add keto chocolate hazelnut spread instead of chopped nuts. Yum!


Can you use Pillsbury dough to make a keto pizookie?

No you cannot use premade dough to make a low carb pizookie. That is because the pre-made cookie dough from stores is not keto-friendly, since it has a lot of sugar in it.


Can I make a skillet cookie without an oven?

You can make the skillet in an airfryer! We personally recommend using an oven, since this reduces the chances of the middle of the cookie getting cooked and the cookie as a whole getting cooked all the way through. However, an airfryer works just fine if you are without an oven.


How do you store keto pizookies?

Before you store leftover pizookies, make sure it doesn’t have ice cream on it. You can avoid this by only scooping ice cream on a corner of the pizookie if you're not that hungry. If your skillet cookie hasn’t been touched by ice cream, you can store it in an airtight container in the fridge for up to three days.


How do you reheat keto pizookies?

You can reheat keto pizookies by putting it into the microwave or oven! However, the best way to have it is after baking the recipe, of course. We recommend cutting into smaller pieces beforehand, then microwaving in thirty second intervals until it is fully warm. If you microwave too large of a piece, the edges can change consistency from being cooked for too long while the middle stays cold.


Can I bake these keto skillet cookies as regular cookies?

Yes, if you’d like to, you can bake these keto skillet cookies as regular cookies! Make individual cookies by using a sheet pan and baking for 15-20 minutes at 350°F. Make sure to let them cool, and enjoy. Plus, you can definitely still eat ice cream with these cookies too!


Keto Pizookie

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Keto Pizookie

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