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Low Carb Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

This keto thumbprint cookie recipe is perfect for jam lovers, complete with a burst of fruit flavor in the middle!

These keto raspberry jam thumbprint cookies are perfect if you love our low sugar jams. We’ve made them with brown butter for a classic brown sugar taste without the added sugars. Each cookie has a bite of buttery cookie mixed with an explosion of sweet raspberries–and none of it will hurt your macros!

Thumbprint cookies are a classic cookie that’s full of butter, meaning they taste virtually the same as their sugar laden counterparts since it’s about fats instead of sugars for their taste profile. This traditional low carb cookie comes from Sweden, where they are called Hallongrotta, which literally means raspberry cave. These cookies are like miniature raspberry caves. They’re a winter inspired cookie that can be enjoyed any time of the year, and can be made for any occasion.

We’ll walk you through how to get the perfect thumbprint onto your cookies, to get just the right amount of filling into each one. Also, we’ll show you how to make other flavors of thumbprint cookies as well. With our variety of other zero sugar fruit jams like strawberry, raspberry and grape, you can even make a medley of flavors!

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What are thumbprint cookies?

The key trait of thumbprint cookies is that they contain a “thumbprint” filled with your choice of jam. They are made with a sugar cookie base, and can be made by rolling the sugar cookie dough into balls and flattening them with your thumb to create an indent for your filling. They can be made with all sorts of filling options, and this cookie recipe makes them very easy to make!


What is another name for thumbprint cookies?

Another name for thumbprint cookies is Hallongrotta, which means "raspberry cave" in Swedish. Thumbprint cookies are also sometimes called bird's nest cookies, butterballs, or Polish tea cakes! They are believed to have originated in the 19th century.


What fruit is traditionally used in thumbprint cookies?

Raspberries are the fruit that is traditionally used in thumbprint cookies! It seems that apricots are the second most popular. However, you can get creative with the jams and jellies you use for this dessert recipe.


Low Carb Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies


Is raspberry jam keto-friendly?

Raspberry jam keto-friendly is usually not keto-friendly since jam is usually made with added sugars. You won’t notice how many you're eating as easily as the fruit itself has natural sugars as well, which makes it harder to keep track of. However, we have a solution! Our raspberry jam is low carb because it uses monk fruit instead of sugar.


Can I use a tool other than my thumb to make imprints in keto thumbprint cookies?

You can use a tool other than your thumb to make imprints in keto thumbprint cookies! While it’s always most fun using your fingers to create these little cookie “caves”, you can also use the end points of a rolling pin to create the hole for your jam filling. If you are trying to make the cleanest possible indentation, we actually recommend using this method. Because it is a longer tool, however, make sure to be careful not to poke a hole through your cookie when using the rolling pin method!


Are Knott’s Berry Farm cookies keto-friendly?

Knott’s Berry Farm cookies are not completely keto-friendly. That’s because Knott’s Berry Farm cookies fall higher in carbs than what is typically considered keto-friendly. Our recipe is better to eat for those on a keto diet and you won’t miss all the added sugar at all!


Low Carb Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies


Can you make keto thumbprint cookies into shapes?

Yes! You can make thumbprint cookies into different shapes. Some ideas include hearts, stars, and little people shaped cookies. Just make sure that after rolling your dough, use a cookie cutter or your hands to create the shapes. Don’t roll the dough too flat, however, since you still need to make an indent. Leave a decently round shape of your dough before pressing. The shape may look different after pressing, so make sure to use a cutting tool like a knife to cut away any excess parts of your cookie shape.


What flavors can I use in thumbprint cookies?

The flavors you can use in thumbprint cookies are endless–they’re especially great with raspberry and strawberries. Simply add in a sugar free jam into your indent. Our fruit jams include strawberry, raspberry and grape, and we have orange marmalade as well! Plus, if you don’t want to use fruit for your thumbprint cookies, you can make a chocolate thumbprint cookie by using our sugar free hazelnut spread to add a dollop of creamy goodness into the middle of your keto thumbprint cookie. Yum!


Can you make keto thumbprint cookies with nuts?

You can most definitely make keto thumbprint cookies with nuts, as nuts are keto friendly. Simply add some nuts into your dough and bake as normal. However, we recommend not using nuts in this recipe and baking as is, since the beauty of this cookie is letting the fruit be the star of the show.


Do sugar free thumbprint cookies need to be refrigerated?

Sugar free thumbprint cookies don’t need to be refrigerated, since they can stay edible in an airtight bag or container in room temperature for up to 3 days. However, we recommend storing them in the refrigerator since they can last for up to 6 days when stored there. Simply leave out of the fridge and let them get to room temperature before consuming. Or, you can even eat them chilled!


Low Carb Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

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Low Carb Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

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