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Mother's Day Keto Pancake Casserole

Mom deserves breakfast in bed, so bake up this yummy keto pancake casserole to celebrate her. This sugar free breakfast is easy because you can pre-make the pancakes the night before, bake them in a casserole dish the next morning, and then you have more time to spend with mom. This breakfast dish also makes a great brunch, as its very similar to a sweet and fluffy bread pudding. You can add plenty of delicious toppings like sugar free maple syrup or a sprinkle of chocolate chips. Whatever sweet add-ons you know mom will love can create the perfect Mother's Day sugar free breakfast.

What makes a pancake casserole special? The sweet cream that is poured over the pancakes in the dish soaks in overnight to make them taste amazing. It's a type of custard made with our sugar free maple syrup that covers the pancakes, creating a delicious soufflé taste that'll definitely impress mom. If you've never baked custard sauce before, don't worry! This custard doesn't need tempered eggs and is sugar free. It's a very easy keto breakfast option.

This recipe comes to us from Joyce.

Macros per serving:
Calories: 254 | Fat: 22.5g | Net Carbs: 2.4g | Protein: 7.7g

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Mother's Day Keto Pancake Casserole

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Mother's Day Keto Pancake Casserole

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