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Keto Biscotti

We've covered these low carb biscotti cookies in chocolate and then drizzled them with our sugar free caramel syrup.

With the weather getting chilly and the holiday season over, we like to find small joys that can brighten every day. An easy one is dunking homemade cookies in our coffee for breakfast, which is why we love this keto biscotti recipe! We've covered these cookies in low carb dark chocolate, drizzled with our sugar free caramel syrup, and sprinkled some nuts on top to make them extra fancy. Make a batch of them the night before-- you'll thank yourself in the morning!

This recipe comes to us from Carolyn over at Food Dreamer! She's not just a great baker, she develops yummy recipes that are low carb and keto friendly.


Keto Biscotti

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Keto Biscotti

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