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Keto Meringue Cookies With Zero Sugar

Make yourself these keto meringue cookies. They’re light, fluffy, and low calorie Sugar free meringue is a great dessert for healthy eating.

Here’s an easy recipe for keto meringue cookies that are low calorie and almost zero net carbs. Maybe you’ve picked up a tub of crispy meringue cookies at the store and wished they were healthy meringue. Now you can do it at home and enjoy them all day! They’re impressively cute and the good news is they’re easy to make. While other types of meringue might be more difficult, these sugar free French meringue cookies are super easy. Plus, they can last a while in your pantry, so you can meal prep them ahead of time.

What do sugar free meringues taste like? With a slightly crispy exterior and fluffy interior, these light cloud-like keto cookies traditionally have a gentle vanilla flavor. You can change the flavor easily by adding natural extracts. You can also dye these cookies with food coloring to make them a delicate pink or another color for a fun keto baking experiment!

Another thing we love about these cookies is that they are healthy. They are low in carbs and sugar, so they’ll fit into your daily macros no problem. They are dairy free and use 4 ingredients making them so easy to make quickly even for inexperienced bakers. You can have up to three cookies for under 20 calories, which is much less than most desserts out there. This is perfect for anyone who loves the volume eating lifestyle. And, you’re not sacrificing taste at all, these low carb cookies are so delicious.



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Keto meringues are a low net carb and low calorie treat.

If you’re looking for a dessert that’s low calorie so that you can fit it into your lifestyle, sugar free meringue cookies are a great solution. These cookies are only 16 calories per three cookies, so you can have them after dinner without ever worrying about fitting them in. They also only have .9 carbs per serving and have no added sugar. While it might seem like magic is the cause, the truth is that meringues are low calorie because they are mostly made out of air. The whipping process of the eggs folds air into the cookie, making it a light, fluffy treat.


What are the three types of meringue cookies?

You might have heard that there are three types of meringue cookies. These are Italian, Swiss, and French. Let’s explore the different types!

Italian meringue is hot, hot, hot because in order to make it you have to drizzle 240 degree sugar syrup into egg whites that have been whipped into stiff peaks. Unlike our recipe, Italian meringue doesn’t need to be baked in the oven. This tends to be a silky version of meringue and is spread over cakes or piped into little cookies.

Swiss meringue is created by mixing the egg whites with sugar over a double boiler. Like the Italian meringue, it doesn’t need to be baked in the oven since the cooking process happens on the broiler. This is a more difficult process and is usually done to create frosting for cupcakes and frosting. Some people even mix the Swiss meringue with buttercream.

What we’re going to be making is French meringue, which is the easiest of the three types. This type of meringue is baked in the oven and then left there to form perfect fluffy clouds full of deliciousness. The French method makes it simple to create meringue cookies thanks to the time spent in the oven.


What’s the difference between marshmallows and meringues?

While marshmallows can taste like meringue, there’s a slight difference! Marshmallows take the Italian meringue method and use gelatin so that it can set into little jiggly cubes. If you want to make your own keto marshmallows, check out this recipe (we covered them with chocolate…because of course we did). Low sugar meringue is going to be less dense and very airy.


Keto Meringue Cookies


How to whip eggs for the perfect meringue.

If you’ve watched any baking competition show, you might have seen how the contestants stress over meringue. Why? They’re trying to get those revered “stiff peaks”. We’re here to tell you the best tricks to always get those peaks every time. No stress involved. First things first: you want your egg whites to be free of any yolk or egg shells. You can use carton egg whites for this process if you want it to be easier.

Next, we recommend you use a stand mixer since this will be a slow process and you don’t want your hand to get tired. Beat the egg mixture until it’s a little foamy, then very slowly add in the vanilla syrup. Try adding a teaspoon at a time. This will take anywhere from 3-5 minutes, so be prepared to be very patient. From that point, the mixture should have stiff, fluffy peaks. If you want, you can test it like the do on British Bake-Off and hold the bowl upside down to see if it stays!


Why isn’t my meringue whipping up?

Are your meringue cookies not looking like fluffy clouds? Don’t be afraid, here’s some tips to keep in mind. You may not have beat the eggs long enough, or at too slow of a speed for them to whip up. If they start to look grainy, you know you’ve gone too far. We also suggest making sure your eggs are room temperature, so it’s easier for them to whip up.


What causes meringue cookies to be chewy?

Your cookies might be under-cooked or the humidity in your home is too high. If you think humidity is to blame, pop those cookies back into the oven and bake for about 10 minutes at 200°F so they crisp up.


Why add cream of tartar to meringues?

Sometimes baking is actually a science experiment that happens in your kitchen. In the case of meringues, the egg whites need a boost to help them whip up faster than normal. Enter our hero, cream of tartar. This ingredient is acidic, which stabilizes the bubbles in egg whites, which allows them to whip up into pretty clouds faster than if they did on their own. If you forgot to buy cream of tartar, you can add about ½ teaspoon of lemon juice for every egg.


Christmas Tree Keto Meringue Cookies


Adding color and flavor to meringue cookies.

The great thing about sugar free meringue cookies is that they are totally customizable! You can use different flavored syrups from our sugar free syrup collection, or add a little extract of your favorite flavor.

You can also make holiday themed meringue cookies. We love creating tiny Christmas tree meringue cookies by adding 9 drops of green food coloring and topping with sugar free sprinkles.


How to store meringue cookies.

Keep your keto meringues in a cool, dry place in an airtight container. You can add parchment paper between the layers so they never lose their wispy, cloud shape. These can stay in the pantry for up to three weeks or in the freezer for up to a month.



Keto Meringue Cookies With Zero Sugar

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Keto Meringue Cookies With Zero Sugar

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