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Healthy Keto Recipes for Easter

The Easter bunny is here to bring all the best keto recipes for you to enjoy this spring. If you love a fun dessert project to do with the kids, or you want to fill up the Easter basket with homemade keto treats, these recipes are for you. These colorful keto sweets will delight the family while still bringing you a low sugar Easter! Whether you're hopping into that low carb lifestyle for the first time or you're a keto pro, these recipes are sure to make you nostalgic for those egg hunts in the back yard.

All our recipes use our low carb keto baking products like our sugar free dark chocolate chips or our keto friendly low carb vanilla syrup. Do you love white chocolate? Have some leftover sugar free caramel syrup? Use your favorite flavors to make these crafty keto desserts all your own.

Easy Chocolate Covered Keto Marshmallows

Keto Chocolate Marshmallows

 When we think about having Easter at our grandma's house, we always think about chocolate covered marshmallows. With an easy egg mold, you can make keto egg marshmallows with our sugar free chocolate. These make great sugar free gifts for the kids, but we love to save a few for the Easter bunny, too!

Get the recipe for Keto Chocolate Marshmallows

Homemade Sugar Free Peeps

Sugar Free Peeps

 This is a great keto baking project to do with the kids and they're sugar free! These low carb marshmallows can be shaped however you want: like these cute little pink bunnies. Kids will love these low carb marshmallows just as much as they'll love decorating them! Plus, you can use any of our sugar free syrups. Strawberry flavored keto peeps? Yes please!

Get the recipe for Sugar Free Keto Peeps

Keto Rainbow Cheesecake Fluff Recipe

Rainbow Cheesecake Fluff

 If you're looking for a dessert the whole family can enjoy, try this easy keto cheesecake fluff. It's so easy to make and is a creamy, low carb dessert. The best part is you can make it as colorful as you like and decorate with some homemade sugar free whipped cream and sprinkles! This simple keto dessert will wow the fam.

Get the recipe for Rainbow Cheesecake Fluff

Keto Easter Egg Truffles

Keto Easter Egg Truffles

 Does your Easter basket need more colorful eggs? What if they had a chocolate chip cookie center? We love this recipe that takes chocolate chip cookies, turns them into a truffle and covers them with our low carb white chocolate. These are great low sugar treats for kids that you can decorate however you like. Plus, these keto truffles are easy to make!

Get the recipe for Keto Easter Egg Truffles

Easy Keto White Chocolate Easter Bark

Keto Easter Bark

 We're all about going a little wild with decorations, which is why this colorful chocolate bark is so much fun! Using our low carb chocolate chips, you can create swirls of color that could impress even the Easter bunny! And, if you really want to take this bark to the next level, you can decorate with the homemade keto marshmallow peeps from before.

Get the recipe for Keto Easter Bark


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