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3 Of The Best Low Carb Mixed Drinks For Spring

We love to relax with a cool cocktail on a warm spring day, so here's the best keto cocktails you can make. These low carb cocktails are creamy and chocolatey-- made with our sugar free chocolate chips. We have a great keto Saint Patrick's Day cocktail and a retro low carb boozy Orange Julius. If you want a fruity keto cocktail or something more decadent, there's something for everyone.

Keto Grasshopper Martini

Keto Grasshopper Martini

 Just in time for Saint Patrick's Day, this minty martini is as green as a shamrock. It's a smooth, low carb cocktail that's full of chocolate and flavor. If you want to make a fancy keto cocktail, this one will wow your friends with its bright color. We love to garnish this cocktail with sugar free whipped cream and of course, our dark peppermint bark!

Get the recipe for Keto Grasshopper Martini

Keto Orange Julius

Keto Orange Julius

 If you want a real throw back, retro keto cocktail, this zesty low carb treat will do the trick. We miss hanging out in the mall with our friends, so this low carb orange cocktail will take you back-- with a twist! It's a boozy Orange Julius without all the sugar! Enjoy this truly creamy keto cocktail as the weather warms up and everything feels a little more sunny.

Get the recipe for Keto Orange Julius

Hey Boi! A Creamy Keto Cocktail with Rum

Hey Boi! Keto Cocktail

 Pink drinks are always the cutest and are best when enjoyed while watching anything from The Bachelor to The Masked Singer. This keto raspberry cocktail is made with our creamy white chocolate chips and garnished with real berries! This is the best low sugar cocktail to make when hanging out with your gal pals or relaxing at home.

Get the recipe for Hey Boi! Keto Cocktail


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