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S'mallows Caramallow Bar

S'mallows Caramallow Bar


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We took sugar free marshmallows, added a layer of caramel, and dipped them in milk chocolate to create a classic candy shop treat. These keto friendly caramellows are the perfect healthy Easter treat.

Our creamy milk chocolate is sweetened with monk fruit extract, so there is absolutely no maltitol or any other junk that could ruin the taste of delicious chocolate. Our fluffy marshmallows are completely sugar free and full of prebiotic fiber, making them a healthy dessert you can enjoy all through Spring!

  • Each reusable tin has 12 marshmallow bars
  • Low in net carbs, sugars, and gluten free
  • We use zero artificial sweeteners and no sugar alcohols like erythritol or maltitol
  • These chocolate covered marshmallows have a layer of zero added sugar caramel to create a delectable treat

Please note: there is a printing error on the packaging that says that the bars are individually wrapped, but they are not. We've placed them in paper holders that are divided by cardboard.

S'mallows Caramallow Bar Nutrition Facts


Milk chocolate confection (cocoa butter, unsweetened chocolate, whole milk powder), Non-GMO resistant dextrin, fructooligosaccharides (chicory root), sustainable palm oil, whole milk powder, egg white powder, salt, baking soda, sunflower lecithin, gelatin, monk fruit extract, vanilla flavor. Contains Milk, Egg.

Not a low calorie food. See nutrition information for calorie, sugar, and saturated fat content.

Product Information

One tin containing 12 individually wrapped milk chocolate marshmallow candy bars.

Our refund policy: We’re confident that you will love how our chocolate tastes and that it will arrive safe & sound. We're so confident that we have a 100% customer happiness policy--read more about our commitment to you.

  • Keto friendly
  • No sugar added
  • No sugar alcohols
  • Soy free
  • Non gmo
  • Gluten free
S'mallows Caramallow Bar
S'mallows Caramallow Bar

Customer Reviews

Based on 283 reviews
AHMAZING! Bring them back!

These should most definitely be year round like the Rhea bar - they are such an incredible option for someone with a sweet tooth, the perfect combo!

The best! Please bring them back!

Delicious. But they are not available. Why?

Hi there! We're thrilled to hear that you love our S'mallows Caramallow Bar. They are a limited edition product however we are planning for them to return later this year so stay tuned.


Not bad. The “graham cracker” flavor isn’t that pronounced, but the chocolate and marshmallow was good

Hey June! Great to hear you enjoyed the chocolate and marshmallow flavor and we apologize if you were expecting the bar to have a graham cracker flavor too. For clarification, we did not add anything to the recipe to give this flavor. The bars are a marshmallow, caramel and chocolate bar. Hope this helps 🍫💕

Best Chocolate Marshmallow Bar Ever

I can’t even describe how perfect these bars are! They’re chocolatey with an almost buttery taste. The marshmallow tastes like a legit real marshmallow! It’s unbelievably delicious, you’d never know this was a low sugar bar!


These are so good! 😍


Usually, even very good sugar free candy has an after taste that just doesn't make it seem "real" - these candy bars TASTE REAL!! They are absolutely FANTASTIC! Perfection in every way -taste, size and even wrapping. Love, Love, Love them!

Please make them a standard item!!


These right here are SUPER DELICIOUS!!!! 👌 They almost beat the candy bar which is my favorite [a bit too pricey now but..] I enjoyed these and hope you make them a regular item. Very, very good.


These are truly awesome. They are soft and delicious and honestly feel like such an indulgence! I hope these come back soon because I came here to reorder.


These are AMAZING!! I just logged in to order them again and didn’t see them. I hope they come back! They may be my new favorite ChocZero treat!

Melissa G.
My favorite bar by far

Seriously awesome, and perfect candy bar texture and feel. you need to make these a permanent, please and Thank You!


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