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How to Make Keto Hard Candy

These no sugar added keto hard candies are simple to make with just three ingredients required.

October is a month full of sweets, but nothing beats a homemade treat sans all the sugar! Enter homemade peach Keto Hard Candy! These are a light and sweet treat with no sugar and no sugar alcohols.

Hard candies may seem complicated to make, but with just three ingredients, some optional food coloring, and quick pouring, you'll be savoring your next sugar free homemade hard candies in no time! We used our Sugar Free Peach Syrup for this recipe but experiment with any of our fruit sugar free syrups to make a variety of fun keto candies. These DIY candies are a great addition to a sugar free Halloween candy bowl or make for a sweet keto friendly gift!

This keto candy recipe is brought to you by Annie from Keto Focus, she creates accessible low carb recipes that require just a few ingredients to make--perfect for the busy household!


How to Make Keto Hard Candy

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How to Make Keto Hard Candy

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