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Sugar Free Chocolate Fluff

This 5 minute Sugar Free Chocolate Fluff is the perfect balance of light and fluffy.

Is there anything better than a light & fluffy dessert? Only when it includes chocolate! Enter Sugar Free Chocolate Fluff! Creamy, quick & tasty, this recipe is the perfect sweet tooth cure.

This keto chocolate fluff is the perfect balance of creamy & decadence. Not only is this chocolate dessert healthier with no sugar, but it's ready in less than 5 minutes. Talk about a dessert win. Using some keto staples you already have in your kitchen like keto chocolate pudding and our chocolate chips, this simple keto desserts whips up in no time and is sure to please kids and adults and alike. 

This recipe comes to us from Brian & Shawn at KetoBrawn, who make simple & creative keto recipes for any taste! Check them out for more tasty recipes. 


Sugar Free Chocolate Fluff

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Sugar Free Chocolate Fluff

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