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5 Minute Sugar Free Chocolate Fluff

You can make a sugar free chocolate dessert using pudding mix and chocolate chips.

If you’re not in the mood for spending all day in the kitchen to make dessert, try this quick 5 minute keto chocolate fluff made with sugar free pudding mix. This simple yet delicious dessert uses items that are probably already in your kitchen and takes no time at all to whip up (literally)! It’s a homemade sugar free chocolate dessert, so it’s perfect for anyone who is cutting down on sugar or is living that keto lifestyle. Of course, you wouldn’t know it’s sugar free with how creamy and sweet it tastes. Not to mention, the inclusion of our decadent sugar free chocolate chips takes this dessert to a whole new level.

You can absolutely make low carb chocolate fluff ahead of time as part of your weekly meal prep, but we also like how easy it is to make on a whim when a craving hits. This keto dessert uses staples you will likely already have in your kitchen such as cream cheese and sugar free pudding. And, after you spend only five minutes making it, you can customize this low carb chocolate pudding fluff however you like.

We love adding chocolate chips to this sugar free fluff dessert, but you can also sprinkle a few berries on top, or use some homemade whipped cream as a beautiful topping. You can also change up the sugar free pudding mix from chocolate to any other flavor you might love such as butterscotch or pistachio!

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What is sugar free chocolate pudding fluff?

Keto fluff is a fast dessert hack that uses sugar free pudding mix to create a truly decadent dessert. If you’ve run out of keto bark and need a dessert to enjoy tonight, this 5 minute sugar free chocolate pudding fluff is perfect for you. Just pick a low carb pudding mix (chocolate is our favorite, but you can use vanilla or butterscotch), grab your chocolate chips, and you’re ready for a truly special treat. This keto fluff tastes just like a slice of cheesecake without all the calories and sugar. You can have a real dessert while still sticking to your macros.


Is keto fluff a healthy dessert?

Yes, keto fluff is a healthy dessert. It has 0g of sugar and is low in net carbs. It’s so easy to add into your daily meal plan or a special treat to make on a whim. If you’re craving cheesecake, this low carb chocolate fluff is a perfect alternative that’s light, fluffy, and so yummy. Plus, this recipe uses our sugar free chocolate chips that are keto friendly and low carb.


Is Jell-O pudding mix keto friendly?

Yes, you can buy a keto friendly pudding mix. Grab any sugar free pudding mix that speaks to you and check the ingredients to make sure there’s not a lot of carbs. We suggest buying a chocolate pudding mix, but you can customize this recipe to your needs. Just make sure to get the instant mix instead of anything that has to do with cooking. We want the easiest version so you can make this in minutes without turning on your oven.


What do I do if the keto fluff mixture becomes too dense?

The trick to making this sugar free chocolate fluff light and fluffy is to never mix. If you accidentally overmix and see that it is becoming too heavy and dense, try adding a little more heavy cream. This will cut into the mixture and fluff it back up again.


5 Minute Sugar Free Chocolate Fluff


How can I customize low carb pudding fluff?

There are so many ways to make keto fluff! Our favorite is chocolate on chocolate with some more sugar free chocolate syrup on top, but there are plenty of other options. Anything from white chocolate to lemon pudding can be your base and then you can add in toppings from there like nuts, fresh raspberries, broken up keto bark, or homemade sugar free whipped cream.


Storing your keto fluff.

You can store your keto fluff in the fridge for up to five days.



5 Minute Sugar Free Chocolate Fluff

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5 Minute Sugar Free Chocolate Fluff

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