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Ninja Creami Protein Rocky Road Ice Cream

Want a protein packed dessert? Make this rocky road ice cream in your Ninja Creami for an easy sweet treat.

Need a protein ice cream recipe for your new Ninja Creami? Look no further than our sugar free rocky road ice cream. This chocolate ice cream is packed with protein and no added sugar, so it’s a healthy alternative to stopping by Baskin Robbins. This healthy rocky road ice cream is full of sugar free marshmallows, sliced almonds, and creamy chocolate ice cream. You won’t believe how easy it is to make ice cream with the Ninja Creami. You can take the chocolate base of this recipe and change it up however you like. Soon you’ll be the ice cream recipe expert!

It was important to us to make this ice cream high in protein macros. Why are high protein desserts good for you? The body takes more time to process protein, keeping you full longer, so you don’t go to bed hungry while following your health journey. Plus, this protein ice cream is low in calories and carbs compared to regular ice cream, making it a good volume eating dessert. When you can eat more dessert, you will feel more satisfied. That means this is a great bariatric friendly dessert and we recommend it to anyone looking for VSG recipes.

When you first buy a Ninja Creami, you might feel overwhelmed by this new kitchen appliance. Don’t be! The great thing about making ice cream with a Ninja Creami is there’s plenty of wiggle room to make your ice cream how you want it. If the ice cream is crumbly or crystallized the first spin, all you need to do is add some more moisture and re-spin. Before you know it, you’ll have a creamy ice cream that’s just like its out of the carton. Our best tip for using the Ninja Creami is to avoid overfilling the pint and to be patient! The mixture needs 24 hours to freeze in the freezer before you can make ice cream.

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Is protein ice cream delicious?

Yes, it tastes just like the real thing! You might be nervous about making a healthy dessert, since those recipes can leave you wanting more of the “real” thing. We at ChocZero are all about indulging in real chocolate that’s good for you and tastes good, so of course our ice cream recipe has to be the same way. The Ninja Creami is a state of the art appliance that can churn ice cream so that it tastes just like its out of an ice cream parlor. This protein rocky road is not only delicious, it’s lower carb so you can eat more of it than regular ice cream. You’ll love the creamy taste of the chocolate ice cream base and our new sugar free mini marshmallows.


What are the benefits of a high protein meal?

High protein meals keep you full longer! The body takes longer to digest protein, so if you can pack it into every meal you can curb cravings easier. This low carb ice cream is packed with protein, so you can enjoy it as a dessert without being woken up in the middle of the night by your cravings.


Ninja Creami Rocky Road


What is rocky road ice cream?

Rocky road ice cream is chocolate ice cream with marshmallows and sliced almonds. Some believe it was created by William Dreyer, the founder of Dreyer’s ice cream. He was experimenting with different toppings in 1929 and came up with the idea of cutting marshmallows and crushing walnuts into an ice cream. As the Great Depression began to sweep the nation, Dreyer says he made the flavor to bring a smile to the Americans struggling through that difficult time. Of course, there’s lots of rumors about who actually made the traditional rocky road ice cream first, but that’s the story most people want to hear.

In the modern era, folks have started adding chocolate pieces or even brownies to their rocky road. If you feel the need to join them, we have an amazing keto friendly brownies recipe and delicious sugar free dark chocolate almond keto bark. Now that you have a Ninja Creami, why not experiment with flavors?


How do I store Ninja Creami leftovers?

The best way to store Ninja Creami leftovers is to smooth out the mixture so it’s flat and stick it back in the freezer. When you’re ready to enjoy it again, run it on the same setting as before and follow the later instructions to get the correct consistency. Of course, this low carb ice cream could be enjoyed by the pint if you are so inclined!


What other mixins can I use for protein ice cream?

Not feeling like rocky road ice cream? We suggest making this protein chocolate ice cream base and add in whatever toppings you want. Sugar free peanut butter cups can be crumbled and added in. Or you could take a spoonful of keto cookie butter and mix that in as well. Actually, we suggest trying both!


Ninja Creami Rocky Road


What kind of protein powder should I use for ice cream?

We suggest finding chocolate protein powder that is low in sugar and carbs. There’s lots of delicious keto protein powder you can use as well. Be careful of added sugar in your protein shake, that’s just extra junk you don’t need!


Ninja Creami Protein Rocky Road Ice Cream

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Ninja Creami Protein Rocky Road Ice Cream

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