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Low Carb White Chocolate Pudding

Looking for a quick dessert or after school snack without all the sugar? Enter our Low Carb White Chocolate Pudding!

You can never go wrong with a pudding dessert!  It's perfect for a quick sweet tooth cure & a go-to for the kiddos. This Low Carb White Chocolate Pudding is the perfect balance of sweet & creamy without all the sugar

At only 3 net carbs per serving, this pudding treat is a great option for a quick after school snack or when Mama needs a little treat. Not only is this pudding dessert healthier with no sugar, but it's completely homemade! Talk about a dessert win. Made with our creamy sugar free white chocolate chips and a few items you probably have in your pantry. You're minutes away from pudding spoonfuls!

This recipe comes to us from Lisa at Low Carb Yum, who makes fun keto friendly recipes! Check her out for more yummy options.


Low Carb White Chocolate Pudding

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Low Carb White Chocolate Pudding

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