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Easy Keto Friendly Monte Cristo Sandwich

This keto Monte Cristo sandwich is perfect for an easy low carb meal. Full of ham, turkey, and cheese, this sandwich is dipped in sugar free jam to be a sweet and savory delight.

Monte Cristo sandwiches are deep fried sandwiches that are salty, sweet and totally delicious. While the traditional Monte Cristo sandwich is deep fried and full of extra carbs and sugar, this homemade sandwich is a healthier for you verison you can make easily at home with just a skillet or griddle pan. We always loved ordering a Monte Cristo sandwich when visiting Disneyland, so we thought this recipe would be a great way to bring the magic of the parks home. Our keto Monte Cristo is made with keto bread and our sugar free jam that’s not only low in carbs it is completely sugar free! It creates an amazing dipping sauce so the savory sandwich can be balanced by the sweetness of the jam.

What makes a Monte Cristo sandwich special? It’s not just the jam dipping sauce, but the French toast bread that holds in the meat and cheese. We take low carb bread and drop it into a keto friendly egg batter to create a French toast sandwich like you’ve never had before. This is a grilled cheese sandwich taken to the next level and it’s perfect for a hearty keto breakfast or an easy low carb dinner. If you’re ever craving something decadent, but don’t want all those carbs, try this keto Monte Cristo sandwich. All you need are some simple ingredients and a skillet. It really can’t be easier than that.

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What does a Monte Cristo taste like?

A Monte Cristo sandwich tastes savory and sweet. The bread is dipped in egg batter, giving it a French toast flavor. With the addition of butter, turkey, ham, and cheese, it balances out the sweetness of the powdered sweetener and sugar free jam you can dip this sandwich in. It’s a truly indulgent sandwich that can even be deep fried like diners would serve it. This salty and sweet sandwich is a perfect spin on your regular grilled cheese!


Why is it called a Monte Cristo?

The Monte Cristo was named in honor of the novel, The Count of Monte Christo by Alexander Dumas. Americans inspired by the French sandwiches of the time decided to make their own version, which was traditionally deep fried. As for who invented this Americanized sandwich? No one knows for sure, but it’s possible it was crafted by an American who spent time in France during one of the World Wars and was charmed by the hearty, decadent sandwich.


What’s the difference between a Croque Monsieur and Monte Cristo?

So, what’s the French sandwich that the Monte Cristo sandwich is based on? It’s the Croque Monsieur. The difference between the Croque Monsieur and a Monte Cristo is that the Croque Monsieur is served with ham, white French sauce made of milk and white roux, and Gruyère cheese. But really, the main difference is that the Monte Cristo is fried!


How can I make a Monte Cristo like the one from Disneyland?

If you’re like us, the first time you had a Monte Cristo was at the Blue Bayou at Disneyland. It’s also served at Cafe Orleans as the perfect, deep fried lunch after going on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. The sandwich served at the Disneyland park is deep fried and full of sugar and carbs, so we made a healthy version that tastes just as amazing. The real trick to this sandwich isn’t just the French toast bread, it’s the sugar free jam to dip your sandwich in. You can use our sugar free strawberry jam, or a more traditional sugar free raspberry jam.


Keto Monte Cristo Sandwich


What sauce is served with Monte Cristo?

You can serve deliciously tart and sweet strawberry jam or raspberry jam with your Monte Cristo. For this recipe, we recommend our sugar free jams which have less calories and sugar than normal jam.


Are Monte Cristos healthy?

Deep fried, covered in sugar, and full of cheese– this sandwich traditionally is not healthy. It’s an indulgent sandwich full of carbohydrates and calories that most people only splurge on once and a while. Instead of ordering your Monte Cristo sandwich at Cheddar’s, why not make your own and make it healthy?


How can I make a keto Monte Cristo sandwich?

You can make a keto Monte Cristo using low carb bread and our sugar free jam. A regular Monte Cristo is covered in powdered sugar, but if you use a powdered sweetener substitute instead, it can bring down the sugar and carb content.


Can I use pancakes or chaffles for a keto Monte Cristo?

Yes, you can use low carb pancakes or chaffles for a Monte Cristo. In some households, this sandwich is considered an easy breakfast, so using some keto pancakes as the “bread” would make sense.



Easy Keto Friendly Monte Cristo Sandwich

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Easy Keto Friendly Monte Cristo Sandwich

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