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Keto Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream

There’s a reason mint chip ice cream is so many people’s favorite flavor. It’s the perfect mixture of chocolate and mint, and this recipe helps you make it keto!

Keto chocolate chip mint ice cream is the perfect frozen treat for a summer day. But store bought sugar free ice creams have tons of artificial sweeteners and fillers–and let’s face it, they just aren’t creamy enough. Who wants to wait around for a keto pint of ice cream to settle and its texture to become normal?

This leaves you with one option: make your own homemade ice cream pints from now on! And that’s why we have this easy, no churn recipe for no sugar added mint chip ice cream. You won’t even need an ice cream maker to make these low carb peppermint scoops for a cold dessert idea on a hot day. You can even use our gluten free waffle cone recipe to have a traditional cone and ice cream scoop experience.

And of course, we went out of our way to add a little bit of green to this recipe. Keto mint tastes better when there’s a creme de menthe color to compliment its cool taste–half of gastronomy is presentation, and mint chocolate chip ice cream should always be its nostalgic green from ice cream parlors of decades past. Otherwise, how would you tell it apart from regular chocolate chip vanilla?

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What is mint chocolate chip ice cream?

Mint chocolate chip ice cream is a popular flavor of ice cream that’s a light peppermint taste studded with dark chocolate chips throughout for a unique texture! Usually, peppermint or spearmint flavoring is what is used to obtain that fresh flavor in the ice cream and the chocolate is dark, but you can always mix it up and make white chocolate chip peppermint ice cream or use creme de menthe syrup to make the flavor different. Mint chocolate chip ice cream is also usually green in color although some companies now prefer to leave it white.


Who invented mint chip ice cream?

The person who invented mint chip ice cream is Marilyn Ricketts. She was a culinary student at South Devon College in England–she invented mint chocolate chip ice cream in 1973. The reason she made this ice cream was because she entered a competition to make ice cream for Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips’ wedding at Westminster Abbey. Of course, the pairing of mint and chocolate goes further back. Mint and chocolate have gone together since the 1600s when Europeans went on expeditions to South America and discovered the flavor combo. It makes sense then that we would find new ways to enjoy it, including in a delicious frozen dessert of mint chocolate chip ice cream.


Keto Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream


How can you make ice cream sugar free?

Ice cream can be made sugar free easily–and it’s one of the best desserts to try to make lower in sugar content since dairy often masks sugar substitutes and does a lot of the heavy lifting in ice cream’s taste. We use monk fruit sweetener in our keto mint chocolate chip recipe, since other sugar free sweeteners can have an aftertaste or can leave an unpleasant feeling after consuming. The worst part about sugar substitutes that have sugar alcohol in them is that they make keto ice cream have a hard texture that has a mouthfeel that’s completely unlike regular ice cream–we avoid that by using monk fruit to sweeten this recipe.


Can I use this keto ice cream recipe to make any flavor?

Yes, you can add different flavors to this ice cream recipe! Instead of putting mint leaves into the recipe, you can fold a different flavor into the ice cream and completely change its flavor. Some of our favorites are cookie butter and chocolate hazelnut, which you can make using our sugar free cookie butter and chocolate hazelnut spread. Take spread and fold it into the ice cream to desired amount and taste.


What are the best keto ice cream brands?

There are so many keto ice cream brands. After the success of Halo Top, diet ice cream became extremely popular and brands like Enlightened and Breyers made low sugar flavors of ice cream. Unfortunately all of the ice creams that are low carb in the grocery stores have sugar alcohols in them which compromises the texture of your ice cream: it makes it hard and crumbly when taken right out of the freezer. For this reason, we suggest making homemade keto ice cream: this recipe demonstrates how easy it is to make sugar free ice cream without an ice cream maker. It’s also way cheaper in addition to being creamier.


How do you make a mint ice cream sandwich?

You can make a mint ice cream sandwich by using any of our keto cookie recipes! You can bake the cookies and then, once cool, take two of the sandwiches and place a scoop of ice cream between them. Make sure they are cooled off before doing so, as not letting them cool can result in the ice cream melting.


Keto Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream


Can you make keto mint ice cream without chocolate chips?

Yes you can make keto mint ice cream without chocolate chips! Make the recipe the same way but without putting the chips into the recipe, since this will not mess with the overall texture of the ice cream by doing so.


Is Breyers mint chip ice cream keto friendly?

No, Breyers’ mint chip ice cream is not keto friendly. That is because it has 19.3g total carbs per half cup serving, and 18.9g net carbs. This amount of carbs is a really large amount for a keto-friendly diet, and can take up your total net carbs for the day very quickly since this is itself almost half of a daily keto intake.


Can you make keto thin mint ice cream?

Yes, you can make keto thin mint ice cream! Here is our thin mint recipe. You can either crush the cookies on top of the ice cream, or you can crush them and mix them into the ice cream by folding gently. We recommend using mint chocolate chip ice cream, since we love loaded ice creams! You can get multiple textures and flavors if you leave them in together. Also, you can make it more a true thin mint ice cream by using just the keto mint ice cream itself. Or, you can make it without mint and have thin mints be the star of the show!


Keto Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream

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Keto Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream

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