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5-Minute Vegan Low Carb Hot Cocoa

Make this delicious vegan hot chocolate in only a few simple steps. This quick and easy sugar free hot cocoa recipe is vegan friendly and low carb. It's the perfect hot drink for a cold wintery day and it contains no animal products whatsoever. Instead, it uses nut milk and our vegan friendly chocolate chips. Simply melt the chips down, mix with some almond milk, and you have a warm cup of keto hot cocoa.

Why use almond milk for vegan hot cocoa? We find that unsweetened almond milk still has a sweet flavor despite the lack of added sugars. The taste of almond does not overpower the dark chocolate chips and instead creates a rich flavor. In case the brand of almond milk you're using isn't sweet enough, you can add a little granular sugar substitute. 

After that, feel free to add toppings like some sugar free chocolate syrup, more chocolate chips, or even some dairy-free whipped cream!


5-Minute Vegan Low Carb Hot Cocoa

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5-Minute Vegan Low Carb Hot Cocoa

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