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Halloween Cake Idea: Ghost Bundt Cakes

Create your own ghoulish Gluten Free Halloween Cake that are low carb and spooky!

Making a cake for Halloween is always a good idea. Halloween cakes are a great way to celebrate the spooky season besides candy! They’re sure to be a hit at your Halloween party as a dessert to remember for October. And while there are very popular recipes like a graveyard cake or a year round cake like a gluten free strawberry cake, the easiest cake to make for Halloween is one decorated like a ghost.

This year, our favorite Halloween cake idea we’ve had is ghost bundt cake. But it was a hard decision on how to make the cake. While we knew we wanted to create a gluten free Halloween cake, we weren’t sure how much frosting we wanted and what the presentation should be for the Fall. Eventually, we decided to bake a cake decorated like a friendly ghost in the form of a Halloween bundt cake with white icing.

We make Halloween bundt cakes because this type of cake is great for novice bakers. Our Halloween cake recipe uses a mini bundt cake pan to create small cakes we then decorate with a white chocolate frosting to be ghosts, however, it’s possible to do this on a bigger or smaller cake with ease. To create a Halloween cake in under 30 minutes, all you have to do is grease a bundt cake pan then fill it with your almond flour cake batter. After baking, pour melted down sugar free white chocolate on your ghost cake to decorate. Then let it set to have an adorable ghost cake.

Halloween cakes do not have to be filled with sugar and carbs. It can be a healthy Halloween dessert for your parties. We used almond flour and coconut flour to make our cake for the holiday gluten free while also reducing sugar content so it could be a keto Halloween cake recipe too!

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How to make a miniature bundt cake?

Miniature bundt cakes are adorable smaller versions of large bundt cakes. A normal cake pan is 9 inch, while mini cake pans are 4 inches across. The easy answer is that bundt cakes are versatile and changing the size only requires you get a different sized cake pan! This recipe will work for a large gluten free bundt cake or a small one, you can simply put the batter in a miniature bundt cake mold.

We suggest using smaller, mini cake molds for cute Halloween cakes if you decide to decorate as a ghost cake! It just looks better and each one makes the best party appetizer for your Halloween celebration!


Ghost Bundt Cakes For Halloween


How to deal with Halloween candy while on a diet?

You’re probably thinking about how tempting the holidays are while on a diet. It’s true, most Halloween candy is not healthy and has high sugar content as well as calories. You can always try ChocZero Peanut Butter Chocolate Halloween Candy if you want a healthier option, however, you can also try making homemade Halloween desserts.

We feel ultimately that cravings and giving into temptation comes from missing something. That’s why we suggest making something seasonal that gets you into the spirit of Halloween. Sometimes cravings are just a feeling of FOMO and you deserve to eat whatever you want. You never want to miss out on the spookiest time of the year. So why not give into it and enjoy Halloween while still treating your sweet tooth: bake a Halloween cake that’s gluten free and sugar free so you can still enjoy Halloween while dieting!


What food to bring to a Halloween party?

To be a good guest at a Halloween party, you should always bring food. There are a lot of foods you can bring to a Halloween party, from salty snacks to sweet treats. If you really want to be a memorable guest, consider baking a Halloween cake or Halloween cake pops. Cakes are easy to make like our gluten free Halloween cake recipe, but people will always associate them with time and effort. This means you will be considered a great guest. It’s even better if you go as the cake you bake, so in this case, consider being a ghost and baking a ghost bundt cake!


How do you make a gluten free Halloween cake?

From creepy cake pops to Halloween bundt cakes, there are so many easy-to-make gluten free Halloween cakes. The essential ingredients for a celiac friendly cake that has the same airy texture as traditional cakes are binders & a gluten free flour. Our choice to make the best Halloween cake is eggs & a combination of almond flour & coconut flour. This makes our keto friendly Halloween cake, gluten free with a rich buttery taste.


How do you make a ghost cake?

It may sound complicated to make the best Halloween cake, fit for any Halloween get together, but our gluten free Halloween ghost cakes are simple to make! We make our delicious gluten free bundt cakes ghoulishly good by adding a white chocolate drizzle made with our no sugar added white chocolate chips to mimic their ghostly white color. After covering your bundt cakes with the desired about of chocolate (we always love more), add fun sugar free candy eyes to give our Halloween ghost cakes some yummy peepers.


Is my Halloween candy gluten free?

Most Halloween candy is not gluten free. Gluten is actually everywhere. While this does not matter for many people, for those with gluten intolerance it’s a devastating fact. Although there are brands like ChocZero which make gluten free Halloween candy, it can be a hardship to avoid gluten during holidays.

That is why we suggest making your own seasonal gluten free treats. Making this ghost cake that’s gluten free and celiac friendly will help you have something to enjoy during the Halloween season. It uses sugar free white chocolate, an almond flour bundt cake base, and adorable confection eyes to decorate the Halloween cake.


Can I use box cake mix to make a bundt cake?

You can use store bought cake mix to make a bundt cake, but it will not be gluten free and it will not be a sugar free Halloween cake. Most boxed cake mixes are also full of artificial ingredients, and undesirable chemicals that not only taste sugary and flat, but the ingredients can also cause bloat or allergic reactions since they aren’t celiac friendly. Most cakes made from scratch will have a richer flavor, ingredients tailored to health needs, and made for a keto friendly diet.


Halloween Graveyard Cake


How do I decorate a sheet cake for Halloween?

When making a Halloween cake you have so many options for decorating. To decorate a Halloween sheet cake, you first need to make your Halloween cake recipe in a 9x13 inch sheet pan. Simply make the recipe as you would for the mini bundt cakes and pour into the sheet pan, making sure not to overfill so there is room for the cake to grow. Since sheet cake pans are more shallow than a bundt cake pan, you’ll need to bake your cake for less time. Start checking your cake with a toothpick at around the 20 minute mark and check often.

The possibilities for decorating a sheet cake for Halloween are endless! A delicious Halloween cake idea is a jack-o-lantern cake design. Once your sheet cake is baked and cooled, cut your sheet cake into a round shape with a stem square on top. Take two bowls of sugar free frosting and color them orange & green with food coloring and completely frost the sides and top of the round portion of the cake orange. Frost the cake stem green. Once frosted, melt our sugar free chocolate chips and put into a piping bag. Pipe some jack-o-lantern eyes and crooked smile and you’re done!

Another Halloween cake idea is a Hocus Pocus cake decorated like the book of spells. To make this Hocus Pocus cake, leave your sheet cake in a rectangle size and frost the whole cake with brown colored keto frosting. Using our melted chocolate chips, pipe a few “stitches” across the book so make it look aged. Lastly, color our frosting with a gold or silver color and use a piping bag with a medium tip to create a lock design on the outside of the cake. Place a candy eye in the center of the lock and you’ll have the best Halloween cake at any party!

All of that sounds like a lot of work. Sheet cake decorating is very hard to do in a way that looks professional. It is often best left to the professionals. That’s why we prefer our easy Halloween cake recipe for a ghost cake that is made in a bundt pan.



Halloween Cake Idea: Ghost Bundt Cakes

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Halloween Cake Idea: Ghost Bundt Cakes

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