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Keto Halloween Recipes

It's almost time to put on our witch hats and get spooky! 🧙‍♀️ While we love to get the chills from our favorite scary flicks, we're not about the sugar rush that can creep up on us this time of year. That's why we've put together some easy, keto Halloween snacks you can make for you and the kiddos! Whether it's the crowd pleasing white chocolate ghost bundt cakes, or a boozy low sugar Halloween drink to enjoy after the kids go to bed, we've got you covered.

And, if putting up the cobwebs and ghost fairy lights has got you wishing for an easier Halloween treat, try our keto friendly pumpkin faces. 🎃 These spooky keto candies are perfect for anyone who wants to go low sugar this Halloween. Each bag comes with 20 individually wrapped pumpkin chocolates with a whole patch of different faces. It really doesn't get any easier than that!

Keto Halloween Candy


Keto Monster Rice Crispy Treats

Keto Monster Rice Crispy Treats

These nostalgic treats are easy to make in one big batch so they're ready for Halloween night! We've taken our classic recipe and given them the perfect Halloween costume. Just melt our keto friendly white chocolate chips and mix with a little food coloring to create your own ooey-gooey monsters.

Get the recipe for Monster Rice Crispy Treats

Keto Halloween Cookies

Keto Halloween Cookies

If you love peanut butter, these cookies are all treat and no tricks! Here's low carb peanut butter cookies with keto peanut butter cups pressed in the middle. Then, create spooky spiders and frightful monsters ready to haunt your cookie jar. You can also use our peanut butter ghosts or chocolate pumpkins if you're feeling extra spooky. 👻

Get the recipe for Keto Halloween Cookies

Keto Graveyard Cake

Keto Graveyard Cake

In the mood for chocolate? Us, too! That's why we love this fudgy, decadent chocolate cake made with our dark chocolate chips. Then, it's time to create a hauntingly spook-tacular Halloween scene! Decorate with chocolate pumpkins, ghosts, and even crispy treat tombstones to make your graveyard cake the most spirited treat around!

Get the recipe for Keto Graveyard Cake

Mini Keto Ghost Bundt Cakes For Halloween

Mini Keto Ghost Bundt Cakes

Make a scene with these ghost mini bundt cakes. 👻 Keto friendly and great for meal prep, you can make a big batch for a Halloween party or keep them around for the whole week for a low carb portioned dessert. Dripping with no sugar added white chocolate, these frightful delights are delicious keto desserts for the kids and adults alike.

Get the recipe for Mini Keto Ghost Bundt Cakes

Keto Chocolate Poke Cake with Pumpkin Frosting

Keto Chocolate Poke Cake

What's poke cake? It's cake you poke holes in so that syrup can soak through, making it totally decadent and oh-so yummy. We of course like to use our sugar free chocolate syrup as the magical ingredient to add even more real chocolate to this keto fall treat. To balance out the richness of the cake, it's topped with a creamy pumpkin frosting and cute sprinkles.

Get the recipe for Keto Chocolate Poke Cake

Pumpkin Keto Peanut Butter Bites

Pumpkin Keto Peanut Butter Bites

We can't get over how cute these peanut butter pumpkin bites are! Shaped to look like pumpkins, this recipe is as adorable as it is easy. If you need a fun Halloween baking project to do with the kids, these sugar free peanut butter pumpkins are perfect. Kids will have fun shaping the keto desserts and topping with our vegan friendly dark chocolate chips. Bring these as low carb snacks to share for your child's next playdate!

Get the recipe for Pumpkin Keto Peanut Butter Bites

Low Carb Kalimotxo

Low Carb Kalimotxo

If your Halloween is all about watching horror classics and enjoying a spooky cocktail, don't pass up this bubbling brew. A dash of chocolate, a pour of wine, and a splash of cola makes a low carb keto wine concoction. If you're like us, you like to pair chocolate with wine, so we love sipping on this cocktail while nibbling on a handful of our low carb chocolate pumpkins.

Get the recipe for Low Carb Kalimotxo


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