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How to use Sugar Free Coffee Syrup in my Beverages?

Did you buy ChocZero’s first ever functional sugar free coffee syrup? Our prebiotic fiber packed syrup can keep you fuller longer and tastes delicious, too. Unlike other sugar free sweetener syrups, we don’t use any artificial sweeteners. Our monk fruit does all the work here, so there’s nothing getting between you and flavor. There’s also only 20 calories per serving, so it’s a skinny syrup you can use in your coffee. If you’re new to coffee syrup, you might not know how much to use for a simple cup of coffee! You might also want to use it for your sweet tea or cocktails. So, this is your ultimate how-to guide on how to use sugar free syrups.

Below we’ll teach you how to use sugar free coffee syrup in everything from your coffee to even protein shakes. That’s right, you can use our keto friendly coffee syrup for shakes, as well as sweeten your other beverages. You can make skinny desserts with sugar free syrup as well! If you love coffee in the morning, but you want something beyond adding your favorite milk or creamer, this guide is for you. No more boring coffee recipes and no more sugar that could lead to a dreaded mid-morning sugar crash!

Will ChocZero come out with more coffee syrup flavors? Yes, we have more sugar free syrup flavors on the way! We were so glad to hear that folks loved our first flavor of vanilla. We knew that we had to make more, even one that’s special for the holidays that’ll put a pep in your step.

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How much syrup should I add to coffee?

It’s recommended that for every 8 ounces of coffee one half tablespoon of syrup is a good starting off point. While you can always add more sweetener, you can’t take it away. That’s why starting with a smaller amount is better than more. After mixing into your coffee with optional creamer, taste and adjust. Everyone’s taste buds are different, so it’s good to start in the middle with one half tablespoon and then change depending on what you want!


What’s the best way to add syrup to coffee?

We recommend adding the coffee syrup and creamer first and then pouring in your coffee. The final step is to get your spoon and mix! It seems a little backwards, but it makes mixing up the beverage a lot easier. You can also use a syrup pump to add sweetener to your coffee!


ChocZero Sugar Free Coffee Syrup


How much is a pump of syrup?

Most syrup pumps have about ½ tablespoon of syrup in each pump. Of course, they might vary, but that tends to be the average. So, we suggest using one pump to start off in an 8 ounce cup of coffee.


How do I add syrup to iced coffee?

Ever wanted to make iced coffee at home? It’s easy! You simply fill a glass with ice, add your sugar free syrup, room temperature coffee, and creamer. Then, you mix! You can also use cold brew coffee or coffee kept in the fridge to make iced coffee. We suggest using one half tablespoon of sugar free syrup for every 8 ounces of coffee. You can adjust the sweetness from there.


What’s the shelf life of sugar free syrup?

Most sugar free syrups have about a year shelf life. Please check the bottle for the best by date for more information.


Can I put sugar free syrup in oatmeal?

Yes, you can put sugar free syrup in oatmeal. Our coffee syrup is packed with prebiotic fiber, so it’ll make your oatmeal more filling than before! We recommend starting with a half tablespoon of syrup for a bowl of unsweetened oatmeal and adjusting as needed.


Can I put coffee syrup in a smoothie?

If you want to sweeten your smoothie or protein shake, you can use our coffee syrup. Just like coffee or tea, we recommend starting with a half tablespoon of syrup first and then adjust as needed.


ChocZero Sugar Free Coffee Syrup


Can I use sugar free syrup in tea?

Yes, our sugar free coffee syrup works just as well in tea. Both hot and cold tea can be sweetened with the coffee syrup. The rules are the same for coffee, so we recommend a half tablespoon of syrup per every 8 ounces of tea. You can adjust the sweetness from there.


What are the best sugar free syrups for coffee?

The best sugar free syrup for coffee is ChocZero’s sugar free coffee syrup. We pack functional fiber in every drop and use absolutely no artificial sweeteners. We use all natural monk fruit to make our coffee syrup, which most other sugar free coffee syrups don’t do! We think you’ll love the taste of our keto friendly coffee syrup, but if you don’t you can always reach out to us at support@choczero.com.


Can I bake with coffee syrups?

Yes, you can bake with coffee syrups. Make delicious skinny recipes like Sugar Free Meringue Cookies. You’ll love the fluffy cookies with the smooth vanilla taste.


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