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White Chocolate Cookies & Creme Keto Bark

White Chocolate Cookies & Creme Keto Bark


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Taste the flavor that white chocolate is meant for--in a new bar size, featuring 8 individually wrapped pieces of chocolate!

This Keto Bark flavor uses fudgy, rich white chocolate with little bits of gluten free chocolate sandwich creme cookies sprinkled throughout. It's the perfect mixture of zero sugar added flavors to create a truly remarkable candy.

  • Low carb and keto friendly
  • 8 pieces individually wrapped in a bar form
  • Keto friendly, gluten free, and contains zero sugar alcohols or added sugar
  • Our fresh baked gluten free cookies are now released as Dunkies
White Chocolate Cookies & Creme Keto Bark Nutrition Facts


White chocolate confection (cocoa butter, whole milk powder), Non-GMO resistant dextrin, coconut flour, sustainable palm oil, cocoa powder, eggs, concentrate whey protein, sunflower lecithin, monk fruit extract, vanilla flavor, salt. Contains Milk, Egg, Coconut.

Not a low calorie food. See nutrition information for calorie, sugar, and saturated fat content.

Product Information

Comes with 8 individually wrapped pieces of White Chocolate Cookies & Cream Keto Bark.

Our refund policy: We’re confident that you will love how our chocolate tastes and that it will arrive safe & sound. We're so confident that we have a 100% customer happiness policy--read more about our commitment to you.


  • Keto friendly
  • No sugar added
  • No sugar alcohols
  • Soy free
  • Non gmo
  • Gluten free
White Chocolate Cookies & Creme Keto Bark
White Chocolate Cookies & Creme Keto Bark

Customer Reviews

Based on 1452 reviews

Addictive lol yummy


These are good but I prefer the peanut butter white chocolate. These were just ok.

Hey there! I'm sorry if you weren't fully satisfied with our Cookies and Cream Bark! While I am glad that you were able to find other goodies from us that suit your interests, we'd never want to leave you with anything that can't be further enjoyed. If at anytime you feel like you're not having a good time with what you're consuming, go over to our support team and we'll be happy to offer you a satisfaction refund for your chocolates. Have a wonderful day!

Bring back the bags

I’ve been a big purchaser since you started but don’t like the new, smaller boxes. Why go to a package with less chocolate? They are already expensive as they are and now I can’t find the tins either. Stick with what works and bring back the bags with more squares!!

Hi Thomas--these are cheaper per ounce compared to the bag as we save money shipping like this. If you compare, it's 2 boxes (16 pieces) for $6.98 where it's 1 bag (15 pieces) for $6.99. We will not be bringing back the tins as they did not work for us, they cost us too much in many ways and our end game is always to keep prices low despite rising inflation. Thanks for understanding!

Not sure but something changed..

Did you guys changed the receipe?
I fell like it doesn't taste the same as before...

Hey there! Please rest assured the recipe hasn't changed however the summer heat can sometimes affect the chocolate which could be the case here. We'd love to look into this further and make it right for you if the goodies were not enjoyable. Please reach out to support@choczero.com. Thank you


When you’re hankering for a Hershey’s cookies and cream bar and trying to avoid sugar, this is the perfect substitute. It hits the spot.


Love these so much!! Excellent product! I’ve been buying for a few years and the barks are my favorite!! I def recommend!

Perfect pick me up!

Cookies and cream combo is always a winning combo, this one did not disappoint, so delicious!


This is one of my favorites along with the Cinnamon Bun Spread!!

Absolutely delicious

My husband loves these also. Creamy white chocolate and crunchy cookie. So satisfying

White chocolate cookies and cream

These are amazing. So delicious that I hide them from my hubby.


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