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Gluten Free White Chocolate Popcorn with Cookie Butter

This is the ultimate popcorn recipe. Why? It has the sweet taste of cookie butter, making it deliciously festive and perfect for watching a Hallmark movie!

Sure, you could have buttery popcorn to watch that latest Hallmark movie with–or you could level up your popcorn game by making this sugar free white chocolate popcorn! We’ve got you covered with this easy cookie butter popcorn recipe so you can enjoy gourmet popcorn in front of your TV at home!

The flavors of cookies and sweet popcorn will make your taste buds go wild! Sweet and salty, this recipe is only a few ingredients and will make any Netflix binge more rewarding.

There’s nothing better than drizzling rich chocolate on popcorn and then dressing it up with toppings. And while Biscoff Popcorn is delicious, our zero sugar version is a great copycat that saves your macros from a sugar nightmare–and keeps you lower in net carbs! And if you’re on keto? Don’t worry, a cup of this is under 8g net carbs, which makes it a great treat without completely going off your diet.

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Is popcorn a junk or healthy food?

Popcorn is a healthy food! It is a great option to curb your hunger, whether you make a sweet or salty version. One cup of unseasoned popcorn is very low in calories and fat, and actually contains protein as well. The thing that can make popcorn more unhealthy is adding butter and other sugary toppings to the popcorn. Butter adds lots of calories, and sugar will drive up carbs. That’s why we like to use a bit of our sugar free white chocolate to add some sweet without making it too high in sugars!


Sugar Free Caramel Popcorn


What are the benefits of eating popcorn?

There are a decent amount of benefits to eating popcorn. Firstly, popcorn is considered a whole grain, which means that it may reduce diabetes, heart disease, and hypotension risk. Secondly, popcorn contains antioxidants, which is an important part of any diet. Finally, popcorn has a high fiber content!


Can you turn all corn into popcorn?

You cannot turn all corn into popcorn. In fact, the corn that is most common to eat actually is not the kernels that are made into popcorn. The variety that is used as a popping corn specifically is called Zea mays everta. This maize variety is the one that has the potential to blossom into the fluffy clouds of joy we love to snack on. Popcorn can also be made of dent corn, flint corn, pod corn, flour corn, and sweet corn.


Is popcorn keto friendly?

Popcorn generally isn’t considered a keto-friendly snack. However, it’s surprisingly low carb when you factor in the actual net carbs. And for those trying to consume less sugars and carbs that aren’t healthy for us, this is a great treat once in a while because it’s low in calories and high in fiber. When you see the nutrition facts for popcorn, it’s misleading and makes it look way higher in carbohydrates than it really is. That’s because it usually shows the kernels, which have significantly MORE in a cup than actual popped popcorn. 3 cups of popped popcorn has only 18g net carbs, while 3 cups of kernels has 54g–you can see how the misconception begins! Therefore, while not strict keto, we believe popcorn has a place in a lazy keto regimine.


Can I get gluten free popcorn from my local store?

Yes, you can buy gluten free popcorn from your local store but you will not be able to buy gluten free white chocolate popcorn. Corn itself does not contain gluten, which is the only ingredient to unseasoned popcorn. However, a major concern is cross contamination with gluten products, which can happen in the fields the corn grows in. Also, the actual manufacturing process of the popcorn can lead to that as well. In addition, most of the inclusions popcorn makers use such as chocolates or candies will not be gluten free. That’s why there’s a benefit to making your own homemade popcorn; you can control how safe and clean your kitchen is and the process in which you make your gluten free gourmet popcorn.


What can I add to popcorn for flavor to make it gourmet popcorn?

You can add lots of different toppings to popcorn for flavor. Our favorite keto picks are dark chocolate and a cookies and cream drizzle. These can be made using our sugar free dark chocolate and cookies and cream Keto Bark. Simply melt the chocolates and drizzle on top of your popcorn. You can also add drizzles of sugar free caramel, chocolate, cookie butter, honey, and hazelnut spread.


Sugar Free Cookies and Cream Popcorn


What are good mix-ins for popcorn?

There are a ton of great options for good mix-ins for popcorn! You can add salt and pepper to make it salty, nuts to make it extra crunchy, or go crazy and add some sweet treats. Simply choose your favorite low carb snack and gently mix it in. Our top pick? Marshmallows! Mix in our sugar free marshmallows and our milk chocolate baking chips to make popcorn s’mores!


How long does homemade gourmet popcorn last?

Gourmet popcorn lasts about a week, if you want to maintain the best flavor and texture. It will still be edible after about two weeks, but make sure to keep your snack in an airtight container in a dry area like a food pantry, or a safe area of your kitchen counter.


Gluten Free White Chocolate Popcorn with Cookie Butter

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Gluten Free White Chocolate Popcorn with Cookie Butter

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