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Keto Buttercream Frosting Recipe

We have the perfect recipe for classic buttercream. This go-to homemade frosting can be used for a quick recipe for cupcakes, cakes, and cookies!

Looking for a keto buttercream to frost your low carb cakes with? Every baker needs a go-to homemade frosting that’s reliable in a pinch. That’s why we found a frosting recipe that’s perfect to frost cupcakes and cookies that can become your next baker’s staple.

A soft, sweet and creamy American vanilla buttercream that’s perfect for piping any dessert, whether it’s cakes and cupcakes, we’re ecstatic to share it with you all.

This buttery icing is easy to spread, and we make sure to count the carbs so you can have a Swiss meringue buttercream texture without any of the added sugar. Be sure to bring your piping tips and follow our how to frost keto baked goods in the recipe instructions: we just love this whipped buttercream for decorating cupcakes!

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How do you thicken buttercream without sugar?

You can thicken buttercream without sugar by using coconut flour or almond flour! Add a little until it looks to be the consistency you desire. Most bakers typically use flour, which works as well, but coconut flour or almond flour keep your icing lower in carbs.


What buttercream is best for frosting a cake?

The buttercream that is best for frosting a cake is Swiss meringue buttercream. This is also the standard used by professional bakers and pastry artists. It has a smooth texture and consistency which means icing cakes with it . Compared to American buttercream, it has a much stronger butter flavor, but is considerably less sweet.


Does sugar free frosting have carbs?

Yes, sugar free frosting has carbs. Carbs are naturally in dairy due to dairy having small amounts of sugar naturally. Store-bought frosting will have extra carbohydrates and sometimes use sweeteners like maltitol that can spike blood sugar. However, you can have a frosting that’s lower in net carbs and sugars by making your own with our sugar free vanilla flavoring syrup which is why we have this keto buttercream icing!


Keto Buttercream Frosting Recipe


What's the difference between buttercream and frosting?

The difference between buttercream and frosting is that they are made with different ingredients. Frosting does not contain the main component of the word “buttercream,” and that’s butter! Instead of butter, shortening or cream cheese is what is typically used to make frosting. Of course, we feel like most people use frosting or icing interchangeably–so say whatever you want!


What are the different types of buttercream?

The different types of buttercream are American, French, Swiss, Italian and German. These different types of buttercream all contain butter and sugar, but have different textures and overall ingredients.


What is the best butter for buttercream?

The best butter for buttercream is unsalted butter. This is because the salt content cannot be controlled, since salted butter from the store varies by brand. Also, make sure to either use softened butter or let it sit out at room temperature until soft so that the buttercream can be combined easily and without chunks. We always like to use grass-fed butter for our buttercream too for an even better texture and taste.


Keto Buttercream Frosting Recipe


Why does my buttercream have trouble piping?

If you have trouble piping your buttercream, you may have whipped it too long and over whipped it. If you whip your buttercream for too long, it can create bubbles in the mixture. This is because over time, whipping creates pockets of air, and too many bubbles can make it harder to pipe. When piping, it can interrupt a smooth, consistent piping job as the string of frosting comes out due to a pocket of air separating it.


Should keto buttercream be cold before piping?

Keto buttercream should be cold before piping because it will set with a shape closer to what you pipe on. For example, if your icing is warm, it may melt onto your cake and not hold. Also, a good tip for piping buttercream is to chill your cake in the refrigerator for at least two hours to make sure your icing doesn’t melt. The best way to do so is to refrigerate overnight. Then, use a piping tip to get the cleanest lines and icing shapes. In a pinch, you can cut the end of a Ziploc bag and pipe using the end!


How long does keto buttercream last?

Keto buttercream lasts up to seven days if it is stored in an airtight container and placed in a refrigerator. You can also freeze it for up to 30 days. If you freeze it, you can let it sit on the counter until it comes to room temperature, then re-whip it before piping/spreading.


Keto Buttercream Frosting Recipe

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Keto Buttercream Frosting Recipe

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