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Keto Lemon Cake Balls

Springtime means we're all about yummy lemony keto desserts, which is why we love these keto lemon cake balls! That's right, you can enjoy the flavor of lemon cake while still sticking to your macros. These cute keto treats are covered with our low sugar white chocolate chips that are so creamy it's like biting into a layer of frosting. This is a great keto dessert for Easter or your next garden party!

This recipe comes to us from Carolyn from All Day I Dream About Food. She makes delicious keto desserts to serve up for the family.

Makes 24 cake balls. Macros per serving (2 cake balls):
Calories: 134 | Fat: 10 g |  Net Carbs: 3.7 g | Protein: 2.5 g


Lemon Cupcakes:

  • ½ bag keto lemon cake mix, about 5 oz
  • 2 large eggs
  • 3 tbsp butter, melted
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract


Cake Balls:

  • 6 keto lemon cupcakes (see above)
  • 2 oz cream cheese, softened
  • 3 tbsp lemon juice
  • 1 tbsp lemon zest




Lemon Cupcakes:

  1. Preheat the oven to 350°F and line a muffin pan with 6 silicone or parchment muffin papers.
  2. Measure out half of the cake mix (by weight or volume). Prepare the cake mix according to the package directions and divide among the prepared muffin cups. Bake according to the package directions.
  3. Remove and let cool completely.


Cake Balls:

  1. Crumble the cupcakes into a large bowl. Add the cream cheese, lemon juice, and lemon zest, and mash them together until very well combined.

  2. Roll the cake mixture into 1 inch balls and place on a waxed paper lined baking sheet. Freeze until firm, 1 to 2 hours.



  1. In a heatproof bowl set over a pan of barely simmering water, combine the ChocZero White Chocolate Chips and the cocoa butter. Stir very frequently, until melted and smooth. Remove from heat.

  2. Dip the frozen cake balls in the melted white chocolate, tossing to coat with two forks. Lift out and tap the fork gently on the side of the bowl to remove the excess chocolate.

  3. Place the dipped balls onto a waxed paper lined tray to set. Sprinkle the tops with lemon zest immediatly after dipping, before the chocolate sets.

  4. The chocolate dip should be enough for about ⅔ of your cake balls. Roll the remaining balls in the keto sanding "sugar". (You can also do them all in white chocolate or all in sanding sugar).


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