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Keto Korean Fried Chicken

The perfect low carb Korean fried chicken recipe for your next savory craving, complete with a delectable keto friendly sauce!

Korean fried chicken is one of the trendiest takeout staples, however, there’s no keto Korean fried chicken anywhere–and Korean fried chicken sauce usually has a lot of sugar. With new restaurants popping up in mall centers across the country inspired by Bonchon Chicken in Korea, it’s hard to stay home and not succumb to takeout. That’s why we made this low carb Korean fried chicken recipe, complete with a sugar free gochujang inspired sauce–we didn’t use gochujang since it has soy in it, and we didn’t want to add soy to our dish.

For Korean folks, it’s a comfort food that can remind folks of the flavors of their family. Some of this author’s favorite memories are of my mom picking up Korean fried chicken for my family at the end of a long week of work. On those days, when she came in, I could tell what it was just from the smell: spicy with a hint of sweet.

Now, you can have the excitement of Korean fried chicken anytime you want with this keto Korean fried chicken recipe! Complete with low carb breading made from pork rinds, it pairs perfectly with our zero sugar dipping sauce made with sriracha!

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What makes Korean fried chicken different from American fried chicken?

The thing that makes Korean fried chicken different from American fried chicken is the exterior. American fried chicken is typically brined in a buttermilk and flour mixture. Korean fried chicken has a thinner and lighter skin, and isn’t covered in nearly as much batter as American fried chicken.


Who invented Korean fried chicken?

The person who invented Korean fried chicken is Yu Seok-ho. Cooking oil wasn’t widely accessible until the 1970s, which was when modern fried chicken was introduced in Korea. Lims Chicken was the first Korean fried chicken franchise! Established in 1977 in the basement of Shinsegae Department Store, it is believed that Yu Seok-ho was the cook who started it all.


What are the two most common types of Korean fried chicken?

The two most popular types of Korean fried chicken are dakgangjeong and yangnyeom. Dakgangjeong is the classic Korean fried chicken, with notes of garlic and soy sauce. Yangnyeom is a spicy Korean fried chicken that fries up differently made with gochujang.


Keto Korean Fried Chicken


How do I make sugar free ssamjang sauce for Korean BBQ?

You can make sugar free ssamjang sauce for Korean BBQ by mixing together 1 tbsp hot pepper paste, 1/4 cup of soybean paste, 1 stalk of minced green onion, 1 clove of minced garlic, 1/2 cup of onion, 2 tsp of sugar free honey, and 2 tsp of sesame oil! Yum!


How can you make Korean fried chicken breading keto?

You can make Korean Fried chicken breading that is keto friendly either by using almond flour and pork rinds. We like using pork rinds as they are keto friendly and incredibly crispy, working very well with how crunchy Korean fried BBQ is.


Is Korean fried chicken typically made with white or dark meat in Korea?

Korean fried chicken is typically made with dark meat in Korea! Most Korean fried chicken recipes call for thighs and drumsticks because it’s a richer meat that tastes better when fried. On the flipside, in America, white meat is most often used in fried chicken. Keep in mind that chicken breast cooks faster than dark meat and can dry out more.


Is keto Korean fried chicken healthier than other types of fried chicken?

Korean fried chicken is already healthier than other types of fried chicken! That’s because it tends to be cooked with significantly less oil. Making it keto means less carbs as well, which is a great way to make it even healthier!


Keto Korean Fried Chicken


What are keto options for Korean BBQ restaurants?

It's incredibly easy to eat Korean BBQ while eating keto. You just have to be very careful what you pick from the menu. Almost all sauces will have added sugar through honey and brown sugar, which is often used to offset extremely spicy dishes as well as add sweetness. Luckily you can often order steamed vegetables and naked chicken or ribs, avoiding the high sugar sauces which contain so many net carbs. You can also use our recipe at home to have the same yummy sauces without any of the sugar!


Why are my chicken drumsticks rubbery?

If your chicken drumsticks are rubbery, this is most likely due to overcooking. If you keep your chicken cooking more than what is recommended or at a higher heat than stated, the moisture will leave the chicken and you will have a dryer and rubbery texture. The protein fibers may have become elastic, which ruins the fried chicken.


How do you store leftover Korean fried chicken?

The best way to store leftover Korean fried chicken is to put it in the fridge in shallow airtight containers. Tightly wrap the chicken with aluminum foil or plastic wrap to keep it safest and freshest, and consume within three to four days.


Keto Korean Fried Chicken


Can you make other low sugar dishes with leftover Korean fried chicken?

You can make other low sugar dishes with any leftover Korean fried chicken you make. You can make chicken fried cauliflower rice with the leftover chicken by cutting up cauliflower into small pieces, and frying like normal fried rice. Add peas, chopped carrots, and season to taste. Also, you can use the chicken to toss into your favorite salad. It works well with both sweet and savory salad bases! Trust us.


Keto Korean Fried Chicken

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Keto Korean Fried Chicken

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