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Keto Irish Cream Liqueur

Irish cream is a classic whisky infused creamy liqueur that's used in everything from cocktails to baking. But it's very sweet and drinks like Bailey's are not keto friendly--they have tons of sugar. That's why we've made a version of Irish cream that's powered by monk fruit.  Made with our no sugar added dark chocolate chips, this alcoholic beverage can help you make your favorite cocktails ketogenic diet friendly and even be used in St. Patrick's Day themed baking. From putting a splash of it into your coffee to mixing it with some blended berries and almond milk, the boozy sky is truly the limit.

If you want to make it non-alcoholic, add 1 tsp of Irish cream extract and change the whisky into almond milk. This is great for mocktails and Irish Cream copycats without the alcohol!

The key to a quality Irish cream is to use a good Irish whiskey. The higher quality you use, the better drinking experience you'll have. We use a hint of our chocolate chips to add an extra creamy flavor with the aftertaste of cocoa butter, making it a true chocolate liqueur.

Macros per serving (4oz):
Calories: 323 | Fat: 27.5g | Net Carbs: 1g | Protein: 1.5g


Are there any mixologists out there? We want to see what drinks you come up with 🍹 Just tag us on Instagram with #ChocZero and show us your creations!


Keto Irish Cream Liqueur

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Keto Irish Cream Liqueur

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