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Easy Keto Chocolate Cups

Make a no sugar added keto cup with low carb chocolate and delicious keto cookie butter filling.

Make your own keto cups at home with just two ingredients and without turning your oven on. The keto diet has evolved to where you can make your own candy in the kitchen, including keto cups! What are these low carb chocolate treats? They’re a chocolate candy shell made with our no sugar added white chocolate stuffed with our keto cookie butter. We make them giant candy cups by making them in a cupcake liner, so when they’re done they taste just like a cookie with delicious creamy icing on top. It’s a decadent keto dessert you can make a week ahead of time for perfect meal prep.

The trick to making delicious keto cups is to pick a chocolate you love (we’re using our no sugar added white chocolate chips) and then a keto friendly dessert filling. This can be anything from keto peanut butter to our keto chocolate hazelnut spread, but we suggest trying this low carb candy recipe with our keto cookie butter. It creates a low carb chocolate snack like you’ve never had before without all the sugar!

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Are keto cups keto friendly?

As the name suggests, keto cups are a keto friendly candy that you can easily make at home. They use no sugar added white chocolate chips as the chocolate candy shell and keto cookie butter filling. These are keto friendly because they’re made out of ingredients with low carbohydrate content and no added sugar.

These chocolate keto cups are big, so if you’re watching your calories or macros, you can always split the keto chocolate cup, or make them smaller with a mini muffin pan. Either way, you’ll have a truly decadent keto dessert full of chocolate and delicious keto butter.


How can I make chocolate candy on keto?

It’s so easy to make your own keto candy at home! If you love chocolate and want to bring that love to the kitchen, we suggest getting your hands on some sugar free chocolate chips and any low carb spread you like. We’re using keto cookie butter in this recipe, but you can also use our keto chocolate hazelnut spread, or even fudge sauce. From there, you carefully melt the chocolate chips in the microwave and spread against the cupcake liner to create a candy shell. Once that sets, you add your keto spread filling and then top with more chocolate. Then, you can be your own keto chocolatier at home! We love chocolate making with sugar free chocolate and we think you will, too.


What fillings can I put in keto cups?

If you’re making candy chocolate cups, you might want to know what keto spreads you can put inside. We suggest a keto cookie butter with white chocolate combination, but there are other ways to make this! You can also melt our sugar free peanut butter chips and put them in there (or just grab yourself a bag of our keto peanut butter cups). Another great filling would be our sugar free strawberry jam if you love white chocolate with fruit.


Easy Keto Chocolate Cups


What spreads can I have on keto?

You can eat plenty of keto spreads when eating a low carb diet. We love the keto cookie butter because it tastes just like speculoos cookies. You can also have our no sugar added hazelnut spread in milk, white, and dark chocolate! When looking for a keto friendly spread, check the net carbs which are the carbohydrates minus the fiber count.


How can I make vegan keto cups?

If you’d like to make this recipe vegan, you can use our vegan dark chocolate chips as the candy coating. Then, you can pick up a jar of our vegan dark chocolate hazelnut spread and use that as a filling.


How to store your keto cups.

You can keep your keto cups in an airtight container for up to a week. They make for the perfect meal prep chocolate dessert.


Easy Keto Chocolate Cups

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Easy Keto Chocolate Cups

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