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Homemade Keto Coconut Joys

Keto Coconut Joys are simple to make,and indulgent enough that you'll think you're eating a candy bar!

If you're looking for a homemade candy that will give you the delicious combination of coconut and chocolate, these Keto Coconut Joys are a simple and indulgent bite-size treat.

Sugar free and low carb, these coconut joy candies still pack in plenty of flavor thanks to the delicious coconut flakes, the tasty almond nut stuffed inside and our creamy milk chocolate chips. They are a no bake fat bomb and can be whipped up in just minutes for a quick sweet sugar free snack. 

This recipe has been developed by Annie at KetoFocus, and makes for a perfect last minute dessert choice for the whole family.


Homemade Keto Coconut Joys

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Homemade Keto Coconut Joys

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