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Keto Black Forest Chaffle Cake

This keto black forest chaffle cake comes together in less than 35 minutes.

This recipe combines the classic taste of a Black Forest Cake with a keto staple: chaffles. Together the result is a delicious Keto Black Forest Chaffle Cake!

No black forest dessert would be complete without the decadent taste of rich cherries and Annie from Keto Focus has created a recipe that brings that traditional 'Black Forest' flavor but keeping the carbs low and the cake keto friendly.

Use our yummy dark chocolate chips to create the fluffy chaffle 'cake' layers and then whip up your cherry whipped filling sweetened with cherry extract and our ChocZero Vanilla Syrup! Everything comes together in a snap, and once you've assembled your layers, sit back and enjoy a timeless keto friendly classic dessert. 


Keto Black Forest Chaffle Cake

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Keto Black Forest Chaffle Cake

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