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Easy Strawberry Matcha Latte Cold Drink

This keto strawberry matcha latte is a sweet cold drink for any tea lover!

A creamy iced matcha is the best summer drink, so we’ve made this easy strawberry matcha latte for a cold beverage you can make at home–without any added sugar! By mixing strawberry jam and tea powder, we’ve whisked up a perfect taste for a mocktail that’ll be great to sip by the poolside or on the beach without needing any fresh strawberries.

Matcha’s recent popularity in Western culture is new, with companies like Starbucks adding Matcha drinks to their menus in the past decade. However, in Asia, it’s been a cultural phenomenon for centuries. In Japan, matcha has been appreciated since the 12th century, and is an integral part of their tea ceremonies.

Of course, in Asia now, matcha is wildly popular as a duet flavor for social media. Pink hued sakura or orange mango drinks swirl with matcha powder, the contrast of bright pastel colors and light greens making for a beautiful trending drink recipe on TikTok. You can even add crema (cream) toppings to mix salty with sweet for another layer if you’re extra. And of course, matcha has undeniable health benefits along with its caffeine content, making it a great way to replace coffee in addition to simply being fun and pretty looking.

Our homemade matcha latte with strawberry jam recipe is a great guide on how to make matcha tea at home with strawberries–and it will be easy and far cheaper than traveling to China or Japan to experience the newest trend.. It’s easy to be a barista (or a bobarista, as they’re now sometimes called when tea is involved) and it’s even easier to make a healthy matcha drink by using our sugar free honey as a sweetener. After all, green tea sweetened with honey is another staple.

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What does matcha taste like?

Matcha has a uniquely grassy and earthy taste which has lots of different taste profiles depending on the region and country it comes from. The reason matcha is such a special flavor is its sweet notes that are followed with a strong, intense green tea flavor. This depth of taste adds a lot of dimension to the flavor profile of drinks made with matcha. Because of its slightly earthy and bitter taste, we recommend adding both a creaminess and a sweetness to your matcha drink to give it balance. This will offset the umami taste that matcha has.


How is matcha different from green tea?

Matcha is different from green tea because green tea is cultivated under the sun, while matcha is grown under shade during the three weeks before harvest. When growing, green tea tends to look brownish in tone while matcha looks bright green. This is because of the chlorophyll levels in the matcha leaves!


Does matcha have health benefits?

Matcha has numerous health benefits, which is one of the reasons it has become so much more popular as well as why it was used in Asia for centuries as a traditional ceremonial drink. Matcha has many antioxidants–it has three times the antioxidant level than regular green tea. Its health benefits make it a great replacement for caffeine for those who can’t imbibe coffee and it won’t stain your teeth like espresso can.


Easy Strawberry Matcha Latte Cold Drink


Are dairy milk lattes keto friendly?

Dairy milk lattes are not keto friendly, and that is because cow milk itself is not usually keto friendly. This is because it contains a lot of sugar in the form of lactose unless you get ultra processed milk which is hard to find in the supermarket. Some of the best milks for keto coffee are unsweetened coconut milk, almond milk, macadamia milk, cashew milk, and even heavy cream. These are keto and low carb, and are great milk substitutes for all your dairy drinks!


Does matcha spike insulin?

Matcha does not spike insulin! The caffeine in matcha is also absorbed slowly, which gives you a longer, sustained energy boost as opposed to coffee.


Can you eat strawberries on a keto diet?

You can eat strawberries on a keto diet in moderation. Each strawberry contains about 1 gram of net carbs on average–in this drink recipe, we help make it keto friendly by using a layer of our sugar free strawberry jam!


How can you flavor matcha lattes?

You can flavor matcha lattes with so many spices and extracts: from lemon, lime zest, ginger, turmeric, cardamom, and coriander to brightly flavored fruits and berries, there is something for everyone when making a homemade matcha chilled latte. Also, you can make your matcha beverage into a vanilla matcha tea latte using vanilla. Alternatively, you can make it into a lavender matcha latte by adding some lavender extract, or even brewing it with lavender herbal tea! Using tea is a healthy way to add a light flavor, but keep in mind extracts will be a concentrated flavoring and therefore will be the strongest flavor to use in the drink. You can make the tea stronger by steeping it in less water for longer.


Is the Matcha Latte from Starbucks keto friendly?

The Matcha Latte from Starbucks is not keto friendly. It has a lot of added sugar, which adds a lot of carbs. As with all takeout versions of matcha, Starbies uses a matcha powder that is sweetened with sugars so that’s why our recipe for a strawberry matcha latte does not. Our latte stays low sugar by using our sugar free honey as a sweetener, making it a keto friendly matcha latte.


Easy Strawberry Matcha Latte Cold Drink


How do you turn a hot strawberry matcha latte into an iced strawberry matcha latte?

You can turn a hot strawberry matcha latte into an iced strawberry matcha latte by pouring the drink over a cup filled with all ice! This is because it will melt very quickly. After a few minutes there should be ice floating. Once that happens, put your drink into a new cup with ice, and use this as your iced tea drink. At this point, add dairy free milk to taste.


How do you add boba to keto iced strawberry matcha lattes?

In order to add boba to keto iced strawberry matcha lattes, you should turn it into an iced matcha latte, which is listed above. This is how boba drinks are typically made; you can still have it hot, but it won’t taste as similar to what’s most commonly served at boba shops. To make a keto strawberry matcha boba drink, follow our keto boba recipe. In a cup, pour the boba first. Pro tip: use a clear cup to see the boba! We love mason jars, because they’re recyclable. Then, pour your drink into the cup! Add ice until it reaches the top of your cup if there’s extra room.


How long can you keep a matcha strawberry latte in the fridge?

You can keep a matcha strawberry latte in the fridge for up to three days. Make sure that you don’t consume past three days, as the jam can separate and lose taste and the taste won’t be nearly as fresh. This drink is best as close to when you make it as possible.


Easy Strawberry Matcha Latte Cold Drink

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Easy Strawberry Matcha Latte Cold Drink

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