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Easy and Healthy Homemade Choco Taco

Now that Choco Tacos are discontinued, you can make your own healthy homemade ice cream taco dipped in sugar free chocolate.

Now that you can’t buy Choco Tacos anywhere, why not make one at home that’s better for you? This Choc Taco keto copycat is low in sugar and carbs, so it’s a healthy alternative to the ice cream taco you loved as a kid. We’re sad that the Choco Taco isn’t sold anywhere, but we’re glad to have this keto friendly ice cream sandwich alternative. The best part of this recipe is you can make a lot of it from scratch. You can create your own waffle cone using almond flour and our keto honey! From there you pick your favorite keto friendly ice cream (or make your own) and dip the Choco Taco in chocolate and nuts.

For the magic chocolate shell, we suggest melting down our sugar free chocolate chips. You can also simply heat up our keto friendly hot fudge sauce and roll the ice cream sandwich into it. Then, you can add chopped peanuts to keep it tasting just like a real Choco Taco, or add hazelnuts, sprinkles, or any other toppings that make you happy. You’ll love this homemade ice cream taco sandwich that’s healthy and a great low carb dessert option.

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What are Choco Tacos?

Klondike’s Choco Taco was an ice cream filled waffle cone shaped like a taco and covered with a chocolate shell and peanuts. It was an ice cream novelty treat created in the 80’s to the delight of many children. Klondike called the Choco Taco the “Original Ice Cream Taco” and even sold some at Taco Bell restaurants. It originally ran under the Good Humor-Breyers brand, but became part of the Klondikefamily under the same company.


What are the ingredients in a Choco Taco?

A Choco Taco is a waffle cone filled with vanilla ice cream, fudge swirls, and topped with a chocolate shell and peanuts. We love this combination because it taps into that classic ice cream flavor, so we wanted to make our own. We’ve created a healthy version of the Choco Taco that has no added sugar and is totally keto friendly.

How did we do that? We used our low carb waffle cone recipe as the base. This homemade waffle cone is sweetened with our sugar free honey. You can also use a low carb tortilla that’s been fried if you don’t have a waffle cone maker. Next, we added some keto friendly ice cream and then topped with our sugar free chocolate chips. Finally, we sprinkled on some chopped peanuts and this healthy ice cream sandwich is ready to eat!


Easy and Healthy Homemade Choco Taco


Are Choco Tacos discontinued?

Yes, Klondike has discontinued their Choco Tacos. At this time, you can’t even pick one up at Taco Bell! That’s why we’ve created this healthy and homemade Choco Taco recipe. So you can have these delicious waffle cone ice cream treats at home without all the sugar.


How can I make my own keto waffle cone?

If you love eating ice cream out of the cone, but want a healthy option, this recipe is for you. You can make homemade gluten free waffle cones with almond flour, a few eggs, milk, and our sugar free syrup. This recipe is great for the ice cream taco, but you can also use it to make a regular ice cream cone for your keto ice cream.


Where can I buy keto ice cream taco shells?

If you don’t have an ice cream cone maker, you can create taco shells out of low carb tortillas. We suggest picking an almond flour wrap, since the flavor will pair nicely with the ice cream.

Once you get your hands on a keto friendly tortilla, you can make a taco shell in the frying pan with a little oil to help it crisp up. Just cut a circle out of the tortilla and fold it in the pan, holding up one side with your cooking tongs. Wait until the low carb tortilla is crispy and then fry up the other side.


Can I make a Choco Taco without peanuts?

Yes, you can make a Choco Taco without peanuts. We suggest adding chopped hazelnuts instead or sprinkles.


Easy and Healthy Homemade Choco Taco


What are some healthy ice cream alternatives?

There are plenty of keto friendly ice cream options out there. We suggest using vanilla ice cream to really get that traditional Choco Taco taste, but you can also get your hands on some cookies and cream ice cream or peanut butter swirl.

You can also make your own keto friendly almond ice cream using this recipe. It’s not only a healthier ice cream option, but it’s great for anyone allergic to dairy.


Can I make mini Choco Tacos with this recipe?

Yes, you can make mini ice cream tacos with this recipe! Just make smaller waffle cone tacos and put in a little less ice cream. Then, you have bite sized ice cream sandwiches!


Easy and Healthy Homemade Choco Taco

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Easy and Healthy Homemade Choco Taco

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